Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by blobmeister, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Why do soldier's cover the air holes on their weapon system with tape? I feel that it stems down to them being lazy and cannot be bothered to clean it. It is my pet hate on tour to see this! The image below is being used in today's Sun paper ......Calm down...rant over.

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  2. At least he's taken the muzzle cover off.
  3. Perhaps he removes it when it kicks off? Like those rubber muzzle caps? It's only going to start cooking after a couple of mag's worth of usage surely? He could still put rounds down, and then take it off after the initial contact. No point in getting the gat mucky unnecessarily with all that dust kicking about.

    Never in my day, etc.
  4. When i was on tour, the guys had the tape on throughout, including very long contact's! grip's my shite
  5. If the unit Armourers have anything about them they will take it off and produce a quick equipment care notice highlighting the error of said users ways.

    You are better getting a bit of grit in the holes that can easily be cleaned than getting stoppages or worse still cook offs caused by excessive heat.

  6. Cancel...

    Looking at the wrong bit...

    (thought he had taped up the ejection port....)

    Still stupid to cover any ventilation ports though... :roll:

  7. ....and the weapon still worked. :roll:
  8. HE, you are after a Wah I feel...clearly the individual hasn't taped up the opening ejaction port, if you look rear of the tape. On H4, guys had the tape on the handguard holes aswell (including an SAA instructor) It is stuff that crow's do!!
  9. You are looking in the right place, right? Ejection port behind the mag - where there's no tape.

    Beaten to it.
  10. lets face it that dust gets into anything so why waste tape that can be better put to use holding ya gat together!!
  11. He hasn't taped up the ejection opening, just the holes in the body.
  12. Won't affect the cooling to any meaningful degree , but will prevent ingress of kak. I don't see the problem.
  13. Then why have the vents if it has no 'meaningful' effect? the air blows through the vents, across the barrel. If taped, surely this will increase the heat in that area as there is no means of escape, eventually resulting in a 'cook off'
  14. If it didn't need the holes, it wouldn't have them. Equally, it's unlikely that service use will be as sustained as in the trials that determined that they were necessary.

    The jury's out.
  15. Cool air in afghanistan???