Its an age thing..... Webcam - Help please.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Queensman, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. I have recently taken delivery of a very fine Laptop computor made by Mr Hewlett Packard. It has mounted on the edge of the top flap a Web Cam.

    Nowhere (that I can find) are any instructions on how to use the bloody thing! Any ideas?

    Answers on a post card please.

    This is not a Wah.
  2. Go to the "START" icon select "ALL Programs" and look for the camera operating program, it may be in a secondary menu, so check them all
  3. there should be a program in the start menu usually which will start the webcam it does on my acer lappy anyway, either that or start MSN if you have it and go from there
  4. Most webcams are active all the time when purchased so I hope you haven`t done anything naughty on some adult surfing websites because if you have somebody somewhere has the video of you.
  5. There may be a blue-light next to the camera - if that's on, the camera's working.

    EDIT: my HP has a program called HP Webcam that you'll find if you type webcam into the menu.
  6. Mine is called "Play Camera".

    If you can't find anything, go to Control Panel/System/Device Manager\Imaging Devices

    and see if anything is registered.

  7. Thanks you guys! Fcuk me, they don't make it easy for us aged techno-flids! Found it eventually in something called 'Cyberlink YouCam'!!
    Once again, many thanks to you all!
  8. Coming to a website near you.... Queensman in all his glory?????

    Lits :oops:
  9. I assume that as its new, you will have windows 7, therefore if you ever need to find anything just click start and type it into the box on the bottom. It finds everything, like emails etc