Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CLOONEY, Dec 20, 2003.

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  1. It's going to be released on 05 Jan 04 guys and girls but the advanced copy of the DCI giving eligibility criteria for Telic Medal is on the strasse results as follows: Must have served 45 days continuous in theatre of operations before being eligible, theatre being defined as Irak only - poor bastards who only made it into al Jabal or Kuwait won't be happy. No doubt will be unindated with responses asking for more, but a little is enough for the moment, trust me.
  2. If that is the case the MOD want shooting.. not that I was anywhere near the theatre but I happen to know that more is involved in providing war fighting capability than actualy engaging the enemy!!! If that is their best offer then they should shove their medal up their arrse....
  3. Yes, but wasn't there an uproar last time round, when those serving in Cyprus were given medals as it was alleged that they were in SCUD striking distance? I'd be embarrassed to wear one if that was do you explain that one to your Grand Kids?

    My own view is that they should do what they did after the Falklands. Those in the immediate danger area (2oo mile exclusion zone as it was down there), got a rosette on their medal and those outside the immediate danger area, but who were involved, get one without the rosette. I believe that all the hierarchy who worked as far back as London, got one without as well.

    Medals. What wonderful things. Had to laugh my bollox off at that RLC Full Screw who appeared on the front of a Soldier mag couple of years back as the man with the most medals in the Army. Not one of them was for fighting. UN,Bosnia, NI, etc........all after it had died down.

    There should be a distinction between those in the immediate area and those who are not or who serve in the theater after the conflict. Even a bar to your GSM.
  4. Typical that this topic appears on the TA forum though isn't it.
  5. All those gipping creatures in the RLC who got no further than the swimming pools of Kuwait should get what they so rightly deserve; A massive steak and kidney Ginsters pinned to their rather scrawny chests.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Not that I pay a lot of attention to attendance badges/gongs, (with all respect to those that really earnt them,) but I was under the impression that the rosette on the South Atlantic ribbon was for those that got their feet on the peat ? Those RN guys I know that were in the TEZ but stayed aboard their funny grey boats in '82 don't have the rosette.

    Just as a matter of interest. :?

    And yes, it is interesting that this has appeared on the TA forum......
  7. You're probably more up to sppeed than me Cutaway. Thing is, how would people feel if they'd been up at the sharp end, to find out that some bugger back in Kuwait was getting the same gong.......and would the latter feel embarrassed to wear it, particularly in the company of the Inf lads, etc.? I know I would if it was me.
  8. cutaway said:
    I am pretty sure the RN guys got the rossette as well as long as they served within the TEZ up til ceasefire was signed.
  9. 45 days in Iraq?! that criteria is going to rule out a lot of you war heroes as well as some of us REMFs. I was in theatre from 20 Feb until 22 May in 2 different locs in Kuwait and a month in Um Qasr. When you bear in mind that some of the fighting troops started leaving almost as soon as the big shooting had stopped (SDG, 3 Cdo Bde) there could be a lot of people going without.
    It's not going to be beyond the realms of possibility that some people who got a proper gong (MC, et al) might not get the TELIC gong to go with it. One of my mates got the QCVS for flying a Tornado on TELIC, if he doesn't get the TELIC gong, what the f**k is he supposed to put his little silver oakleaf on?
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Good point Geoffery, I wonder if the shed had thought of this at all ? Could bugg*r a lot of QCVSs, MIDs, etc. :?

    That is, if the forty-five days in Iraq is gen. (Hopefully Clooney's source had made an error - but then, going on previous c0ck-ups, perhaps not)
  11. what is qcvs ? I Thought you would get the telic medal with rosette if you
    had been there during conflict in the war zone .And if you had been supporting the operation or for the peacekeeping phase you get the medal
    without rosette like the last gulf medal.
    :twisted: I suppose if they dont get medal for telic 1 they get it fot telic 4,5,6,7,8,9 etc
    I guess us stabs are intrested in medals cos most of us dont routinley do operational tours dont know why cos we hardly ever wear no2
  12. QCVS is Queens Commendation for Valuable Service. It is a small silver oakleaf worn on the medal ribbon for the campaign during which it was awarded. It one below MBE which is why it doesn't have it's own medal.

    MiD is of course Mention in Dispatches and is a bronze oakleaf worn on the campaign medal. Mid is awarded for bravery in combat so imagine if you won Mid but not the campaign medal...

    Get my point now?
  13. Cant believe soldiers will earn MiDs and QCVS and not qualfiy for campaign medal . I was told it was 45 days in thearte for those not in combat ie telic 2 ,3 etc sure someone when this pointed out to them
    will sort it out .or am i being niave
  14. where would you put your oak leaf if you got no gong to go with it ? straight on to your jacket ? mmm