It's almost comical...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by notmesir, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. Saw this on another site, apologies if it's already posted but......

    You've got ot admire his balls, just after telling the army it is being reduced he lets them know of another possible little jaunt.....
  2. All hail the glorious leader and his world vision.

    Lets go and do his bidding brothers and never complain. He is all wise and all seeing. Lets put our lives on the line for our glorious leader.

    Now where did I put that other spliff :wink:
  3. Sorry , how can we help.All of us are about to become civilians , after yesterdays cull.
    As much as I personally hate to see this situation escalate, why are WE , the British and the US getting involved again . Are the French not a part of Europe,or will they only intervene when it suits their national interest?
  4. heard a debate on the radio yesterday, where some bod stated that the general staff are looking at Africa as they know its on the horizon, called him a w4nker at the time, not so sure now.
    yes, agree totally about France, at the mo europe seems to consist of the uk and the uk alone.
    overstretch, what overstretch. gibber,gibber
  5. it's ok! The new SAS regt will be able to do any work in the Sudan. Though it does begger the question of how they intend to double the amount of SF troops whilst at the same time reducing the pool of potential candidates they draw from.
    Also seems that big brave hoon has read the riot act to "service chiefs" ie those that can't answer back yet doesn't have the balls to stand up to Brown who is refusing to pay for small little details such as afghanistan.
  6. Christ the cheek of the cnut! The sooner he ficking........better stop there. I was thinking things that will get me in serious trouble.

    2 years, 11 months, 300 days and counting :roll:
  7. When is the next by-election? Can we get enough support for a candidate and a deposit? The powers that be need a warning shot across the bows , I think .
  10. By doing just that Chikenpunk, they will lower the standard, much to the detriment of the Regiment, I can see no other way of having 2 fully manned SAS Regiments.
  11. But, as has been pointed out already, they can't be suffering from overstretch as we don't know what understretch is. errr in which case why are they thinking of doubling their manpower?
  12. Agreed , very very very agreed.

    The problem we have, is the Beloved Leader likes to call snap by-elections, to try and reduce the chance of credible opposition getting organised.

    The time to start the process is now, because I believe there will certainly be one, possibly 2 by-elections before the next General.

    Possible candidates? Sir Mike Boyce , Tim Collins or any other profile Ex-service OR soon to retire in a blaze of glory individual :wink:

    As regards the French, they certainly have no problem deploying troops in support of their former colonies, or countries within their sphere of influence, but does Sudan count? I have a feeling historically, that Sudan is our Tar baby 8O

    Personally, I am in favour of Military intervention in a situation like this, having witnessed Rwanda first hand. It's the sort of thing we are bloody good at, and it's the sort of situation that we can make that vital difference in.

    The problem is, we are stretched like a drumskin , or maybe we aren't , according to TCH?

    Didn't he say that in 1999?

    I don't know how hard he fought against this , I would hope very. But I remember the veiled and naked threats against personnel involved in anti-SDR operations the last time.

    I also remember vividly, that we had to get the real story of what was happening to us , from a Broadsheet Journo. 8O

    We need a Sir Mike Boyce right now. We need Red Tabbers , who think "What the hell, we're not taking this lying down"

    We need to know, in some public fashion, that our GS fought to the bitter end to protect us, and our interests .

    Anything but, just leads to speculation and an attendant collapse in morale at unit level. I saw it first hand , when the cull was done within the Regiment in 1999

    It was almost "All those who think they're going to be in the new Regiment one pace forward - STAND FAST THAT MAN!"

    This is almost the same, but on a far far larger scale.

    It's easy to blame our GS for not sticking up to TCH and his minions of mediocrity. But, below them, are the up and comers who won't rock the boat either, and the whole "Roll over and play dead, it's the knighthood, pension and all the frills under threat old boy" permeates down the chain.

    As I found out first hand 8O

    The duty justification "New kit, more of it, more efficient , smaller army, force multiplier, Small war containment blah blah blah" was used in 1999

    It's being used here. What has actually changed since then?

    Would be nice for a red tabbed grown up to come in and put their view.
  13. From toadys Scotsman:

    Commanders warn all ranks to silence dissent in public


    MEMBERS of the armed forces have been warned they face harsh punishment if they publicly speak of their anger at yesterday’s defence cuts.

    The Scotsman understands that army chiefs have written to the commanding officers of all six Scottish regiments to warn them that public displays of discontent will not be tolerated.

    And lower down the chain of command, officers and men have been left in no doubt that there will be severe consequences for anyone who communicates complaints about the cuts to the media, even anonymously. "Some of our more sensitive friends threatened all sorts of bad things," said one serviceman, referring to those responsible for military discipline.

    Punishments could include "administrative action and a nasty letter or interview without coffee," a reference to a formal disciplinary meeting with superior officers.

    Queen’s Regulations forbid serving personnel from speaking to the media without authorisation, and traditionally, members of the forces have relied on retired officers and regimental associations to communicate their thoughts to the wider world.

    But some serving officers have expressed unhappiness at the way the "traditional" system has worked during the debate over yesterday’s cuts, and are considering more dramatic steps including a open letter-writing campaign to newspapers.

    Another protest being discussed last night was to use so-called "redress" rules within Queen’s Regulations that allow service personnel to ask formally for commanding officers to express their concerns to the Defence Board, the highest body in the UK armed forces which is chaired by Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary.

    The prospect of serving officers speaking out against the cuts may put at least one Labour MP in an awkward position.

    Eric Joyce, the MP for Falkirk West, left the army in 1999 after being disciplined for publicly criticising military management.

    He has been one of the most outspoken advocates of yesterday’s modernisation plans on the Labour back-benches.

    Some serving forces personnel regularly use internet message boards and other electronic forums to discuss military developments, and tip off reporters about them.

    But there are indications that military police investigators have taken to monitoring the boards and are trying to trace the identities of those responsible for potentially controversial messages.

    Such moves have left some members of the armed forces feeling even more disaffected.

    "Unlike the rest of the human race which enjoys the protection of the law of the land, the military still has various internal kangaroo court processes to hang people out to dry," said one disgruntled serviceman yesterday.

    General Sir Mike Jackson, the Chief of the General Staff, acknowledged that there would be discontent, particular among Scottish servicemen and women.

    "I’m sure they will not all be happy," he told The Scotsman.

    And in an remarkable display of how the language of modern management has even penetrated the upper echelons of the military, the former paratrooper pledged to work to soften the blow and "help them through the emotional change barrier."

    The general refused to discuss the attempt to gag service personnel, but left no doubt that he would take a dim view of anyone found communicating with the media.

    "There are rules about serving personnel talking to the press," he said. "Rules are rules. The army is not a democracy."
  14. tell the f*cking monkeys they can pitch up round my house any time they like , just because people don't say it's a big bulging bag of puke it doesn't mean it isn't.

    don't know if anyones already mentioned this , but i don't think that Geoff Hoon bloke is very good at his job. :roll: :wink:
  15. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    From L-Gs quote from the Scotsman

    "But there are indications that military police investigators have taken to monitoring the boards and are trying to trace the identities of those responsible for potentially controversial messages. "

    So much for free speech! Don't give a toss - I'm civvy now. Anyway CRMP, unless they have changed dramatically, can't even catch a cold.

    I hope ARRSE Mods who are serving are not put in trouble over this. Hand over all duties to non-serving pers if you are in danger of the Monkeys feeling your shoulder.

    So much for the 'indications' that senior officewrs were monitoring this site and valued the views expressed - obviously don't apply to TCH.

    However, I am surprised that TCH said that the TA would be used before reserves as he has just put 10,000 on the reserve.