It's all the system's fault... again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 5_mile_sniper, Sep 7, 2004.

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    All I can say is...

    ..."is it 'cos I is black?" :evil:

    Of course it's not the fault of the guns and gangs culture of underachieving, it's all the fault of institutionalised racism (isnt it always).

    Of course I'm sure the fast tracking and payment of "golden handshakes" to black teachers won't cause any sort of friction between them and their peers, will it?

    Thanks Ken, yet another waste of money that talks a lot of lefty shite and offers no useful courses of action other than the appeasment of militant minority leaders.

    Rant over...
  2. Everyone knows that its the minorities that are the most racist. Crap report :evil:
  3. Yet again the left maintain the agenda.

    i see they made no mention of the high performance of Asian school children or the rise of black gun culture or violence from the yardie segment of society.

    no mention of parental responsibilty or perhaps a more disciplinary approach to violence at schools.

    you can hear the champagne swilling socialist cry "It's all our fault"
  4. If they are trying to curb racism then this isn't the way!

    First it was the Police service being "told" that quotas for ethnic minorities is the way forward and now we see Red Ken wanting to do the same for London Teachers. :roll:

    So don't let these people try to rise to achieve high standards but dum it down specifically for them, let their "other" race colleagues see them being giving favouritism and watch resentment and racism rise :evil:

    Christ, will the Left never learn! For the past 40 years their cultural experiment has been a farce. They try to appease for the sins of our history at our expense.

    No wonder the BNP is on the rise-this is a better recruiting drive than they could ever imagine :evil:
  5. The way I see it, people are too scared to turn around and say to the black community "You need to get a grip of your children if you want them to achieve more" for fear of the Neue Arbeit Thought Police turning up on their doorstep.

    Here's the lady responsible for the report;

    well, she would say that wouldn't she...
  6. It's always the same fcuking whinging and dripping about how everyone has let us down. Find someone to blame - it can't be our OWN fault. Why doesn't anyone take ownership of their own problems anymore?


    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. This would be the same fire-brand ultra-left wing Diane Abbott who sent her son to a private school after lambasting parents who did the asme for their children.

    Hypocrasy? Double Standards?

    She was quite happy to lobby for the abolition of Grammar Schools and private education but used her position to procure favour for her own offspring.

    You mean we can't detain, suspend or exclude if it's deemed to be "against their culture". Why should A-C kids be treated any different to kids of white, asian, or African descent?

    Aaah so we should be including lessons on drug running, Yardie gang violence, 9mm handgun maintenance and repair, "beeyatch" pimping, mugging techniques and other useful life-skills like Dole Application and how to claim benefits?

    If the kids can't fukcing well read and write, can't add up and don't know the first thing about anything because of some dumbed-down PC syllabus how the hell are they going to get a job out in the real world?

    Is that the fault of "whitey" as well?

    No shit Sherlock! What do you expect when the kids in question demand "respect" when what they really mean is fear. The gang culture is one of intimidation, and that goes for teachers as much as anyone. Has anyone thouhgt to consider that the teachers are living in a state of fear siege when the PC envirnment they teach in means that no matter how bad a child's behaviour they cannot be excluded from school, that if hit they can't defend themselves for fear of being prosecuted for assault even if the assailant admits strking out?

    How is the lack of parenting the fault of the schools? How is that racism?

    Yet more "it wasn't my fault". Sad, pathetic, indulgent. Success in life, no matter how modest, is earned not a right.
  8. I thought we as a country, and particularly cities, were short of teachers as a whole. How can we impose quotas on a profession which in itself is not fully staffed?
  9. That's right woopert, the very same :roll:

    But that's OK, because all animals are equal... except some, who are more equal than others...

  10. Where are the extra 30% (roughly) of afro-caribbean teachers going to come from? Not from among the lads so badly let down by the current system. Perhaps we could recruit them from Africa and Jamaica?
  11. yet again, more ridiculous PC twaddle - perhaos they underachieve becaus ethey are not interested? should the govt alter the curriculum to suit their needs and not the majority's?

    anyway, nuff said

  12. Weel we had two, one from S Africa (not white) and one from Jamaica (also not white, natch), hard a**ed disciplinarians to a tee. First class teachers, both complained of a lack of corporal punishment and anarchic behaviour from the kiddies. Put the PC mumsy management in a tizzy, well they were ethnics after all, not saying what was expected. One went back t'other is shooting up the ladder in an "interesting" inner city comp. not a million miles from Gosport
  13. Bahhh.....PC crapola! Trying to make you ashamed of being white through lies and properganda. PC facists pi$$ of and burn in hell.
  14. Unreconstructed extreme Lefties like Livingstone ARE the problem!

    They gives these kids an excuse to fail " It's racism innit!"

    So Ken's solution is to recruit black teachers from already struggling countries in the Caribean and Africa. Good one Ken, make poor countries pay for teacher training and then we get 'em for free. I thought the NHS had stopped recruiting for these countries because of the damage itis doing to their development

    Good one Ken - have another bottle and punch someone out ( does anyone remember the Met letting Ken off an Assualt charge a few yers ago - can't crime the Boss right).

    Dianne about has also been done for expenses fraud.
  15. What cultural axperiment?

    *The resounding silence of humbled ignorance.*