Its all the rage , a white arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Mooch has been trying to whiten his using his mate's harry! :D

    Maybe that is the cream michael jackson is using as it makes arrseholes white
  2. Whatever next, soon it will be all the rage to have different coloured bell ends. Mark my words, the days of the purple helmet could soon be over... :eek:
  3. Cool, do ya think I could get my helmet 'Ulster Flagged'?
  4. Can you get your arrse tattooed?

    I want this face on my rear end, with the mouth where the hoop is.


    And I want a mirrored toilet so I can witness the poo generation process!
  5. Come on then old_bloke fess up, how did you find that website? Just an innocent search was it.
  6. :p
    It would be a difficult mirror to look into whilst having a dump. A small CCTV camera would be better, you could link it in to a VCR or PC to record the more memorable visits, one to show the grankids etc...

    For the deluxe version you could go for the german shelf type bog and you could fit a set of scales into it. Women could see how much weight they lost that visit and men could see how much their brown baby weighed. Fun for all the family!

    Not that I've thought about it or anything...