Its all kicking off on Eastenders

Good old fashioned proper cockney tear up!

Violence erupts at London derby

Police say hundreds of people have been involved in the violence
A man has been stabbed in the chest during violence involving "hundreds" of fans outside West Ham's Upton Park stadium during a game with Millwall.

Fights broke out at 1915 BST and were still raging more than an hour later. Police are assessing a man stabbed in nearby Priory Road at about 2025 BST.

A fan told the BBC it was the worst hooliganism he had seen in 30 years.

A Met spokesman said: "It looks like there has been some planned trouble disorder from fans."

He added: "Hundreds of fans are estimated to be involved."

Two arrests have been confirmed, for affray and breaching a control order.

British Transport Police said they heard reports of minor overcrowding at the Tube station near the ground, but their log shows no arrests.

'Bottles and bricks'

The BBC's Ben Jacobs, who is at the stadium, said: "The trouble broke out outside the Tube station about 600 yards from the ground.

"There were 500 to 1,000 riot police and Millwall fans managed to break through the divide.

"Bottles were thrown and bricks were as well."

He added: "There has been a bit of trouble inside the ground.

"There was a penalty shout and fans started gesturing and throwing small objects."

Sounds like Millwall havent mellowed over the years then!

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