It's all kicking off in Madrid...

Quick to judge I know but the link is RT. They do go over the top about western demo's.


The first of many if it is, interesting times my friends, interesting times
"Interesting times", indeed. Trying to get the plebs to pay for the mistakes and greed of the top doggies can have unpleasant consequences, I believe.
"The plebs are paying for their own mistakes. Voting for the person who offers you the most ends up this way."

To a certain extent true but the Spanish didn't get a referendum on joining the Euro. Additionally the real losers - Spanish young people - didn't even get to profit from the boom.

Regardless, they are where they are. Spain is going to default, their current government is just putting the day off by taking on more and more debt.
Yesterday Spain, today Greece. Both countries have shinny new things like airports and train lines, brought on the never never that now need the debt servicing. Soon Spain will have an EU mandarin in charge just like Greece and Italy forcing through huge savings. The will of the people does not matter, unless you have a total public uprising a few token demonstrations will not change any thing.
Remarkably sensible comment from a reporter on BBC World earlier. I paraphrase but essentially he said..

"Well there are clearly a lot of people angry about the austerity measures, but more importantly there are far more not protesting who know that cuts need to be made"

I'm guessing that said reporter might be adding himself to the unemployed list for breaking with the BBC party line!

The truth though is that big-spending governments need to stop living off un-restricted borrowing based at un-realistic interest rates that are effectively subsidies from larger healthier economies. Reining in public spending is going to hurt and those who have benefitted most from the previous excesses are likely to be most vocal in protesting.

If our government doesn't get a grip soon, we will be forced into even worse cuts and will face the repercussions.
If our government doesn't get a grip soon, we will be forced into even worse cuts and will face the repercussions.
If Cam and co do nothing they will lose the next election, if the do something, they will lose the next election. If they plod along those MP's in there now will be able to milk the Commons cash cow for a few more years.

What would be the repercussions?

Losing party at the next elections - going to happen.

Riots on the streets - yes but no rubber bullets or water cannon on their watch. Seeing the hard and fast sentances from the last riot do you think it will stop the chav element next time round ? I don't think so.

Just like Greece, Spain ,Italy. They / We need a very robust government (big hairy ones who are willing to take on the rioters and explain we are all in the cack)who are willing to grasp the problem and do whatever it takes to sort it out. None of them will as their love the trappings of POWER overide any statesmanship they may have had and they only want to remain in power .If that means the destruction of their own Country they will carry on doing it.

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