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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by brian_fantastic, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. My family have been less than supportive about my decision to go into the army, not that they think its a bad move or anything. But they doubt me. They think i will fall at the first hurdle or give up when it gets tough. And with good reason. Ive been that bloke in the past. But if im honest, completley and truley... This is the first thing ive ever REALLY wanted in my entire life. Ive worked so hard already and im really looking forward to it. My family have been trying to put the mental strain on me to give up. But its not working, and it got me to thinking, "Whats with all the pressure?"

    So heres my question for you established military types

    Can anyone tell us n00bs what we can expect to be up against mentally if/when we get to basic?
  2. at the end of the day mate, its your life and you make the decisions

    my family are supportin me goin in the army, but me dad isnt too pleased about me goin in the infantry, but thats what i'm doin... my life my choice.
  3. Ohh that stuff with my family doesn't bother me. I was just wondering how many shades of sh!t im going to get shouted out of me for forgetting to button up one of my pockets or something.
  4. when you get there mate, there will be loads of other recruits going through the same mental/physical changes as you, so you wont be on your own.
    just go in do the training and pass out, prove your family wrong.
  5. yeah like the wiggster said

    you're all in the same boat... i start my basic 5th november, cant wait
  6. Im so damn exited about starting. And id forgotten that there will be other guys there...sounds dumb to say but i had. Suddenly my moral is lifted, and i feel jovial!
  7. good for you mate, remember nothing is actually as bad as it seems
  8. Just remember what the end goal is through training, no matter how bad it seems that day. You'll look back after passing and feel great, and it wasn't that bad and glad you stuck with it. Some good friends of mine have told me this, and I hope I can remember the same words when I start on Monday.
  9. Brian mate i feel the same way, ive only ever really wanted to do this and nothing else. My own drive amazes me. Just mentally stick one up a everyone that doubts you and prove them wrong. Always run a bit faster, always do one more press up, one more circuit. If you want this like you say you do, and i dont doubt that you do, there is nothing stopping you! I started training fairly over-weight, drinking, smoking and sleeping late and now im running sub 10:10 have dropped a stone, dont smoke, dont drink (.... as much :lol: ) and get up at 6 to go running. Like the yanks say HOORAH! Good Luck mara!
  10. Apart from cancer of the penis.
  11. As long as you remember when the Training Staff say " Just another 100 metres" - it actually means you're going a bit further but its guaranteed to mentally **** with the recruits heads ;-)
  12. and note that an NCO shouting "youtube" is nothing to do with the recent Google aquisition.
  13. My old man was keen for me to join up but doubted, to my face, that I'd get through basic. I did and looking back I imagine by him saying I wouldn't make it only made me more determined to succeed. Maybe that's what your parents are hoping, think of it as a little indirect motivation. Good luck.
  14. Most likely to do with the current media attention to Afganistan and Iraq conflicts and basically they dont want you to end up out there.
    TBH most civilian parents think the Army is going to ship their sons and daughters off to theatre as soon as they finish basic or have little knowledge of the trade they are going to.
    iu know my old man just says 'well when you end up in Afghan getting shot at dont come running back to me' or 'why cant you just continue going what youre doing'-'I reply i dont want to be a security guard throwing chavs out all day during the day and a 'door supervisor' throwing chavs out of a club all night at night forever.However my mum is all for me joining the monkeys (probably due to her fella was an ammo tech and recognises the good career the army can offer).

    My brothers are happy because my supra is being left at home for phase 1 so no doubt they have plans for a little 'ride'-ha ha im taking the keys with me lol
  15. My family are also worried bout me wanting to join the army ,but end of the day its my decision , and i feel it is the right one , there are so many positve things about joining ,do so many things i want to get in as soon as possible