Its all gone wrong!!! - I really cannot believe this !!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rapierman, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. I have just been on the I Am Bored website and found this!!!! :evil:

    And I quote "Dirty Kuffar, or Dirty Non-believer/infidel, is a propaganda rap video done by Shiek Terra and the Soul Salah Crew."

    They even know the fcuckers that have done it!

    I am too furious to type.

    If it is a pi ss take its not very funny.
    Anyone for the moon?
  2. Trying to sexy up Jihad. Bag-o-Sh1t, Crappy song
  3. Its not really unsuspecting, the little pre amble gives enough of an insight into the subject matter, If I offend I apologise but people need to know, the website I got it off is totally in the public domain and hadd this down as "funny" I don't suppose many of this sites users will agree with that!
    Me included. If anyone does feel strongly enough, surely someone knows people who ought to be told.
    Yet again I apologise if I offended you
    But now having viewed you see why I was so angry.
  4. There's some well dodgy editing of the guy at the start - I wonder what he actually said in its totality - was he talking about US dead, for instance???

    If I saw correctly, the gun that the rappers are waving is actually a plastic softair pistol.

    I think that that video amounts to incitement, since it clearly tells people to kill the infidels...
  5. No offence taken Rapierman. I haven't viewed it. You presumably get my point though. It's not the fact that you put this on here that I object (unlike some stuff that gets through), but the content is not always easily identifiable by the link address.

    There's stuff from the recent past that many would object to seeing, let alone get in the sh*t for at work, if they clicked on the link.

    Perhaps it would be an idea to put to the ARRSE CO's to have a self-governing rating system so that potential viewers could be informed of the type of content prior to selection.

    And judging by the other comments, both here, and on the review on the link itself, it is badly categorised by the website (depending on your view of course!!)

    Sorry for taking it off thread....but at least it's still on the "last 10 viewed!"
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Going by the lyrics, accent and body-language the 'singer' is someone who is, or perhaps was, resident in Great Britain.
    However even if the authorities manage to make a Sherlockian deduction as to the names, addresses and locations of the 'artistes' involved, I for one won't be holding my breath waiting for them to be charged.

    Not this side of any election anyway......

  7. Islamic rappers’ message of terror
    It's rap, jihad-style. A music video with blood-curdling images, fronted by a young British Muslim rapper brandishing a gun and a Koran is the latest hit in radical Islamic circles.
    The rap song is called 'Dirty Kuffar' - Arabic for dirty non-believer - and it praises Osama bin Laden and the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York.
    The video has recently been posted on the British website run by the Islamic extremist Mohammed al-Massari, the UK-based Saudi Arabian dissident who has lived in Britain since 1994. Al- Massari claims that the video has been selling in large quantities at mosques to the younger generation and is in heavy demand overseas.
    The rapper fronting the video calls himself Sheikh Terra
  8. Well informed Chris tells us, this is not even a bad joke.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this c-rap goes mainstream. Not to play it on national radio would be judgemental and racist. Every muppet in a baseball hat will buy it (or nick it) and ecstasy heads will be dancing to it when a suicide bomber disrupts their night out.

    They just don’t get it.
  9. Al-Massari did not see a problem in using Western music and MTV-like images to sell a message of jihad. He said that it was an effective way of attracting young Muslims who had been put off by other Islamic sects such as the Taliban, which banned music and dancing. 'I do not know of any young Muslim who has not either seen or got this video. It is selling everywhere. Everyone I meet at the mosque is asking for it.' Al-Massari denied that the messages in the video incited Muslims to take part in terrorist attacks against the West. He said: 'I believe the lyrics are only metaphorical. It is not like this is a fatwa.
  10. I take it that Al-Massari will have no objections to a "metaphorical" record suggesting that someone chops him up & feeds the bits to a pig then :? :evil:
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'm told that the Qu'uran can only be read in Arabic, the one on the vid appears to be in English, which might indicate that the rapper cannot read the original language so he's not really a proper Muslim. If he drops in on a group of ultra-orthodox Islamics I wouldn't give him much survival time, even with his rapping 'skills'. Shame really, I'm sure he means well to his 'brothers.'

    As an aside, if a white bloke used the same word towards a black person I'm sure that it wouldn't take Plod long to feel his collar.
    But maybe that's the dirty kaffir cynicism showing......
  12. The rapper fronting the video calls himself Sheikh Terra I believe is from a Northern town in England
  13. It's bollox from start to finish.

    I imagine Soul Salah crew are the subject of someone's interest by now.

    Go on Blunkett, redeem yourself. :evil:
  14. Having had the misfortune to hear both songs today, i must admit that I found "The Land of Make Believe" by Bucks Fizz, infinitely more offensive.
  15. Just got, back on to read the replies, and thanks to Chris who has proved to me that at wasn't some sick wind up, just sick. One question though , how come this has been moved from current affairs to The bar? Are we still scared of people seeing something threatening our lands? I think it is a pretty current affair, seems others do too, Can someone tell me why please.