Its all cracking off in Bury

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dusty_jacket, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Bunch of wierdos obviously but despite the Mails outrage I can't find any SS symbols or regalia in any of the pictures.

    Could it be that the mail has tried to manufacture a bit of faux outrage? Surely not.
  2. Bugger and I just downloaded the Horst Wessel Lied ringtone for my phone too.
  3. [​IMG]

    Impressive historical accuracy...



    RAF - nazi walts?
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  4. Never mind that check out her grid she could have went in tatty 68 pattern combat jacket and passed herself off as Simon Weston
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  5. Looks like the little podgy Austrian Cpl beat Goering to the pies...!
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  6. Arent they Southwest trains ticket inspectors?
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  7. Chortle!!!!!! How come there is no "like" button for this post?
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  8. i liked the KOSB para who obviously jumps in behind enemy lines (south of Berwick in this instance) in his trews.

    is the Luftwaffe guy wearing an olymics lapel badge?
  9. To add insult to injury, the ELR have a fargin' Deltic.
    Nazis, SS, SA, Leibstandarte, Das Reich and Totenkopf I can live with......come on,
    a fcuking Deltic!!!!!!
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  10. There is,I've liked it.
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  11. I hate that paper...does the Editor ever look at the shite it puts out?

    Under the photos of the "banned" swastikas were the words "Flouting the ban: An eagle perched on a swastika was the symbol of the Luftwaffe"

    Several lines later... "He said: 'We have made a very clear statement to the re-enactors. The swastika itself isn't banned but what we have done is ask people not to wear the more offensive items such as items related to the SS, the deaths head insignia and the Gestapo.'

    I think they are trying to whip up a storm to seel more papers...
  12. 2One man's an armband identified him as playing the part of Hermann Goering"

    Even the nazi's wore name badges apparently

    fucking amazing journo skills there.

    Gets better................
    French teacher Mrs Paul, 52, added that she too found it upsetting that re-enactors were dressing in Nazi regalia.
    She said: 'Some of my great aunts and uncles were murdered in the concentration camps and one of my mother's cousins was shot in front of her family.'
    But the couple were keen to stress that they felt the weekend was generally 'great fun' and that the organisers did a good job.

    Now, is that the organisers of the Bury weekend or..........................
  13. FFS who ate all the pies?

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  14. Not forgetting his Hi-tech magnums either!

    Still she could always have thrown on an RAF uniform and pretended she was one of the guniea pig club