Its all about to kcik off in Fallujah!!!

Just heard on the news that the Iraqi PM has given US and Iraqi forces the order to proceed with operation 'blow fallujah the **** down!',,30000-13247198,00.html

The USMC and about 250 elite Iraqi soldiers are on the outer edges of fallujah and have already suffered casulaites (2 marines killed in over night raids)

The Iraqi PM has also sealed off the borders with Jordan and syria (in order to stop any more terrorists coming in, or any getting out!). If i was him, i would have closed the Iranian border as a large number of the agitators are being sponsored by Tehran.

He has also imposed martial law from 6Pm local time for a probationary period of 2mth.

I just hope that it all works out and we dont loose to many septics or iraqi's.
Well, the yanks and iraqis have so far taken the two main bridges on the west side of the city and the main hospital on the west bank of the river euphrates.

Overnight they have also moved in from the north and taken over the city's main train station in the northern sector along with re-claiming a sizeable chunck of two neighbourhoods in the northeast and northwest.

Despite this, it looks like it is turning out to be a fight for every street and every building.

The insurgents dont look like they are running away (good good, more of them to mallet with a MOAB!!!)

come on the yanks!!

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