Its all about Politicians being bad...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. i hope interest rates don't shoot up too quick - just got a new mortgage!
  2. But Cyclops will have retired by then,off to a safe job in the newly independant Scotland.
    Laughing all the way up the M1.
  3. Forget all this "saving the world" bollix pushed out by that failure Broon and all the rest of the so-called "gurus"! 2010 (at the very latest early 2011) will see the world economy spiral downwards into a depression that'll make 1939 look like a momentary comedy blip on an accountant's sheet.

    Just shouting, and fervently wishing, that the bad times are over doesn't make it so. Prepare for the worst and then up it by the power of ten, at the very least!


    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I wonder how Ashie's going to spin this one.

    Daily Hate..... tinfoil hat...... James Delingpole....... fascist reactionary blimps.......etc etc for a dozen pages
  5. And the world is going to end in 2012.The Mayans said so.Bothered?
  6. I don't expect rates to start rising untill late 2010 early 2011 possibly as it'll be interesting to see how the economy copes when the vat returns on Jan 1st

    I see Mr Darling has stated that the economy has'nt gone by "HIS" prediction :roll: has he finally woke up to the "real" mess the UK's in, he can blame his next door neighbour for his past contribution during his watch :roll:

    Never mind as long as the Government looks after the Banks sod everyone else :x

    End of day rant :wink: :lol:
  7. I can see the end of Pound Sterling here. What better way to totally integrate us into Europe than to adopt the currency. I reckon this has been carefully orchestrated by the puppet Brown and his masters behind the curtain. :x
  8. 1997

    "Fiiiiiiiiings can onleeee get bettttttttaaaaaahh...."
  9. How nice to know that Brown has wrecked this country to such an extent that it has a lower credit rating than a supermarket.

    The fault doesn't all lie with Brown, it also lies with the fucking idiots who voted for Labour. It didn't take the brains of an archbishop to see that they had zero real-life experience with handling even small amounts of money. To give them a top G10 economy to play with was like letting a toddler drive a sports car.
  10. Sadly in the coming elections these idiots will still be voting for these filth.

    The fact that a person wants to vote Labour should bar them from having a vote. Only a cretin would vote Labour after their performance since 1997.
  11. I work with a couple of die-hard sociaists. Despite being quite bright and earning a nice wage and seeing less and less of it due to the increase in direct and indirect taxation, depite seeing what the Labour Party has done for the economy since 1997, despite seeing the transfer of power to Brussels, despite seeing almost 4000 new laws enacted since 1997, despite the lie of the Lisbon referendum they will still vote Labour at the next election 'because they are socialists'. I don't actually think they know the meaning of the word 'socialist'.
  12. Those of us who were walking upright at the end of the last Labour government are bothered.

    I remember food shortages, people dying of cold, pickets stopping ambulances getting in to hospital and contingency plans for martial law in the event of what Harold Wilson referred to as 'wholesale liquidation of the economy'.

    Never mind the shortage of helicopters, read some of the posts by old sweats on here. One wrote about the 1970s when his whole, bedraggled battalion was paraded so the four, new uniform jackets received by stores could be issued to those wearing the most threadbare garments.

    Some long retired matelots have been wearing the same shirt for 30 odd years because the cheap, nylon uniforms from the 70s do a passable impression of cheese on toast in a fire.

    Right now, Gordon's borrowing six thousand quid a SECOND. Worse than that, he's borrowing it by printing money and buying his own bonds from himself while the ink's still wet on the fifties. That's a bit like the rest of us photocopying a million quid, buying a great big IOU from ourselves then trying to pay the mortgage with the photocopier cash.

    Determined to go down in a blaze of glory, Broon has implemented a full on burst of Zimbonomics to fund a last minute spending splurge. In the last month or so we've had announcements of a billion each for Zimbabwe and India (that's in addition to Indian companies and their employees being granted tax free status in the UK). Another billion to promote 'peace' in Nigeria and 800 million to fight global warming in the third world. Not bad for a country that's nearing bankruptcy and that's using a photocopier for a cashpoint.
  13. I know that the property market have folded their stalls and taken off for early Christmas hols to return sometime in May 2010. There's a combat indicator for the ensuing months.

  14. I once said this....

    I posted that about 18 months ago .... and I thought things were bad then...