Its all about Muslims.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo2nothing, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Sky News

    I can't believe he is trying to peddle this nonsense, if anything Tony Blair is after the Muslim vote.

    Not sure I agree with his "ideas" about a school for "ambassadors", sounds like training camp to me.
  2. If it was a witch hunt, Bliar's missus would be on the stake!

  3. I always thought she looked like Cruella De Ville, when she smiles at least.
  4. Prominent Muslim Hunting? Now that a chap cannot pursue the fox,I can see the attractions.Would they have to be shot at the end of the pursuit or could you let the dogs tear them apart?Better still could we train Wild Boar to act as hounds? Tally-Ho anyone? :lol:

    However the jolly old mufti did say one thing one could agree with
  5. Omar Bakri Mohammed - enough said, doubt the lebanese are going to let him establish a market stall let alone a 'school'
  6. He is an odious waste of evolution spouting poison. As for not finding those responsible for the tube bombings, I thought they did, just in small pieces and over a large area!

    Last resort of the fanatic and delusional is to pop on the old tinfoil hat and say it's all a plot
  7. Omar Bakri Mohammed’s words: … “They have started to label all Muslims as terrorists… I think the Muslim community can no longer live in peace in the UK. It is better for them to think to leave.”

    OBM’s just mouthing trite anti-western propaganda; demonising the enemy (as he sees it) of his faith to anyone who’ll listen. IMO he’s a hateful, twisted cnut, and you can bet your arrse his academy would be geared to nothing less than turning out ideological clones of himself.

    Although the tube/bus bombings created a knee-jerk response whereby a dark-skinned dude carrying a backpack would tend to get a seat to himself… if not get a magfull to his head for running on the platform... Britain does not view all muslims as terrorists, and muslims are clearly able to live here peacefully - despite a certain degree of shame or guilt by association they may feel thanks to the efforts of a few weird whackos at the extreme outer edges of their faith.

    The linked content of Bravo two nil's post made me think of a snapshot of real life that OBM would turn black with apoplectic rage to witness:

    My son regularly trots over the road to gather up one of his schoolmates to go off and play cricket with a few other kids of various ages and sizes. Said schoolmate’s name is Ashraf, and you guessed it - he’s got a small hatful of younger sisters, brothers and cousins etc. With Phil the Greek’s (bigoted) comments in mind – yes, it’s always Pakistan vs. England, but it’s faintly amusing to watch Ashy organise the clan - all the way down to a deadly serious three-year old - in an effort to overcome the “opposition.”

    Ashy’s dad is a devout muslim; diametrically opposed to cnuts like OBM. Speaking as I find, he’s a far better human being than most Spams I ever met (i.e. shallow, stupid, and truly ignorant) and well on a par with the odd exception to that rule.

    I know my banal little anecdote comes across a bit pink n fluffy but I think it’s worth any pi55-taking to say that I seriously believe little snippets of ‘integration’ like a few kids playing cricket go a long way towards destroying cnuts like Omar Bakri at source.

    Any Spam will of course be carefully filtered and probably ignored.
  8. I'll take a spam over a muslim any day.

    You think spams are "shallow, stupid, and truly ignorant" well I think muslims are "intolerant, untrustworthy and truly oppressive"

    As it stands spams don't as a rule spontaneously explode among groups of innocent men, women and children, whereas muslims....
  9. What a CNUT.
  10. J_D

    J_D LE

    Is he going to protest against the USA? I mean Cat Stevens didn't get in.
  11. armourer

    Mate, if you prefer Spams to ragheads there's nothing I could say to change your mind. Fact is, my personal experience of muslims has been more positive than negative, whereas my personal experience of Septics is that they're exactly as described - with less exceptions than conformists to the rule.

    As for the absence of suicide bombers in western societies (not just Spams) there is a parallel to be drawn with kamikaze pilots, who similarly wanted to kill shedloads of their Emperor/Deity's declared enemies. I agree there's something seriously wrong with any nutter who pulls the pin on himself in order to massacre others for whatever reason, but American culture has produced some pretty warped and nasty folk and... erm... and so have we. You don't associate everyone in Gloucester with Fred West, torture and murder, so why associate all muslims with intolerance untrustworthiness and oppression?

    I understand your viewpoint perfectly well, but I'll bet my arrse it's not based on any social contact with muslims. One of the nicest blokes I ever knew was actually an Iraqi, sadly now dead - and before anyone asks - no he didn't self-detonate. Unlike rather a lot of New Orleans Yanks seem to have done, he wouldn't have waited for a predicted hurricane to blow over rather than leave town - hoping to get in a bit of looting and raping...
  12. I had nine years of working with Awabs. I consider them natural born hypocrits and habitual liers who think Tribe and Islam above all.
  13. Jon w

    Possibly wandering off-thread a bit but:

    Yep, I recognise the me against my brother, us against our cousins but tribe against the world thing...

    Mate, hypocrites and liars are the hallmarks of some very successful western politicians... but I'd say Arab muslims aren't so much liars etc. as suffering from deep-rooted disillusionment and paranoia because the "nation of Islam" has "failed" to prove superior to other major religious and cultural groups - most especially compared to the affluence, power and overall social cohesion achieved by the West i.e. predominantly run by Christians Jews and other infidels.

    Muslim folk are as blindly devout to their faith as the like of bible belt Yanks and Northern Ireland prods. However, in the West religious "fanatics" do not usually manage to exert a significant influence over what are mainly secular governments and societies, whereas in Islamic countries - Islam is not just a religion, it's an all-pervading blueprint for politics, society and culture. But when you look around the Islamic world - it's a fcucking shambles.

    Therefore, there must be something going very basically wrong with muslim-dominated states. Clearly, if you want to be rich, powerful, and achieve a First-World status you need to be secular and democratic. Since the Islamic world is such a fcuking Third-world shambles, the direct inference is that Islam itself must be fundamentally flawed... an impossible paradox for the average muslim to accept, let alone twisted cnuts like Omar Bakri Mohammed.

    The fellahs who flew aeroplanes into the WTC were from oil-rich Gulf States - it's a bit crass to say so, but their motivation for doing so could be boiled down to a murderously jealous rage. What they (and suicide bombers) have actually done is to attribute Western success to 'Satan' - in an ideologically similar way to Ayatollah Khomeini. The logic runs that since Islam is perfect, the reason it doesn't work must be because the Devil's helping us all out! By extension, anything you do to whack Westerners is justified because you're striking at Satan, not individual people.

    BTW I found "nicer" muslims among the poorer states, and of course a few who've settled in the UK. And I promise not to hammer the septics quite so hard in future, even if they do usually deserve a good slapping.
  14. I lived, on and off, for 24 years in the Gulf, mainly Bahrain, but also Iran, Kuwait and Dubai. The Iranians (pre Khomeni) were dodgy folk with non of the laissez faire attitude of the Bahrainis. This was in Koromshar.
    When the A.Q terrorist bit really kicked off, I couldn't believe that it was the same folk with whom I'd lived for so long. Of course, the religious fanatics were kept very strictly under control by the Emir and those that wouldn't tow the line were sent to "Devil's Island" off the coast, to be kept by a manical Scotsman prison warder. Since democracy has opened a bit in Bahrain, the usual hotheadedness and demands have now broken through.
    Is it really a lack of freedom for religion or has the lunatic fringe always existed? I unfortunately thing the latter, but there must have been and is some powerful stirring up being done.
  15. 1. I'm not your mate.

    2. I have had "social" contact with muslims.

    3. Since when has Japan been part of the Western Society.

    4. Anyone who thinks that Fred West is worse than muslim terrorists who all over the world murder, by preference, innocent unarmed women and children and have their leaders urge more to do the same can f*ck off