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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by CMTs_rock, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Just heard that in April 08 CMT LCPL wil be moved onto higher pay band.
  2. Why! or is this a Wah
  3. This was doing the rounds last year as well, oh and that Cpls would get the higher pay band due to the shortages...
  4. Read the same thing in Soldier mag last month I think.
  5. Why does the Army have a system that invariably makes those on the lower band feel lass valued. Put everyone on the higher band, everyone feels good and life goes on.

    Then lower the pay to lower band figures! :wink:
  6. Because they are :twisted:
  7. Not a wah, i think most CMT 1's mainly the coy medics should be on the higher pay band. where as the wasters in Med Regts who sit on there arrse all day long tour dodging (not all i know) should stay put.
  8. Well thank you for that really balanced and helpful view.
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    What did you really expect?
  10. I do enjoy reading CMT's-Rock. I get this mental image of an overenthusiastic puppy who has no idea of how annoying he can be.
  11. From my own experience it should be the Cpl's across the board that get the higher pay band. In a Med Regt they are the one's that deal primarily with all the whinging little sh@ts and as for teeth Arms, in my experience the LCpl's are fresh from receiving their rank, just posted in from Med Regt's, know nothing about the greater army and how it works nevermind 100% capable of looking after a Coy on their own [granted, there are good medics out there].

    CMTs_rock - I take it you have chirped up because the pay band jump applies to you? in which case you are probably a prime example of what i describe. And you also come across as a complete c@ck. You tell me which Med Units havent deployed recently? You just look after you Coy/Pl, leave the Battle Groups to the big boys. Nosher. :evil:
  12. Higher pay/tech pay has been a massive rumour for the past 18 years at least, probably longer. If it happens, then I'll believe it, untill then we will have to recognise that generally speaking no one really cares about CMT's.
  13. sorry to be the bearer of good news to the LCPLs of th corps! i'm in a med regt at the moment btw 1I|_willy, it's my third and i've been a coy medic just the once. so i'm sorry for being a 'complete c@ck' but everyone has an opinion.
  14. If you'd been any good while at 16 Sqn maybe you'd have gone back to teeth arms... :D instead you are with the
  15. Well done, 3 tours, now aren't you just Sooo fantastic... have yourself a cup of tea..