Its a WIN WIN situation - no more Muslim Air terrorists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. At last hung by their own petard ... The use of airport scanners.

    So no Muslim can be scanned , so none can fly , so We win the war on air terror , lets all go home for tea and medals. Horray.

    we won you lost yar boo sucks.

  2. God forbid they use them in this country then, as going by most things, they will be allowed to walk around them.
  3. Who cares, if anyone wishes to observe my magnificent body they need only ask. I of course reserve the right to sell tickets. If the Muslim poof watching is offended then unlucky.
  4. I would not get excited. I am sure AQ has a friendly Iman on tap who will issue a fatwah exempting homicide bombers from these rules. I seem to recall that the 9/11 bombers did not wear islamic clothing or beards.
  5. great.
    I will get the wife to say she is muslim(shes brown and asian).
    then I will say whats good for my wife is good for me.
    dont want the bottles of malt showing up old chap.
  6. Gender-segregated scanners with appropriate staff manning them. Cuts the length of queue down for us blokes, just like shop pay points and public lavatories.

    Job jobbed.
  7. If they or anyone for that matter does not like the security measures at the airport then unlucky! don't go by plane. Simples.
  8. Funny they didn't have a law against wrapping PETN around your nuts or up your bum.

    Um if the "believers" are always covering their "private parts" then how do they use the toilet? Or have other little "believers"? I'm confused.
  9. Pretty sure there are no sections in the Quran about kidnapping and murdering innocent people either. Or wearing trainers, digital watches, having televisions, driving motor vehicles etc etc. Selective religions are great aren't they?