Its a TA Forum!

You're absolutely right!

This IS a TA forum, we need to discuss TA matters.

Whats the 3rd year bounty? Is it only Tax free if your student? Mine was paid late!!

I'm not sure of the 3rd year rate, but the bounty is always tax free! It was lat due to our friendly pay system JPA (Just Pure Arrse).

These name badges - can you have "(V)" put at the end?
putteesinmyhands said:
The truth is that many of the Regulars have as few answers as the average TA bod, but have the advantage that it's easier for them to ask a mate. Said mate probably doesn't know the answer, either, but knows someone who does. Or is willing to put his head above the parapet on behalf of his mate.
So true, I've learned so much from this website. Yes its true the regular may not know the answer, in my corps its rare for PSI's to know the answers about trade skills (thats not knocking them as their interests/skillset are elsewhere).

Their is a 'social club' element to the TA which is not part of the regular army. Or put another way we have a regimental/Sqn ethos not a corp one
putteesinmyhands said:
You're living your dream??? I know you're living in Yorkshire, but there's got to be more to it than that.
Snail's dreams are what the rest of us, would view as nightmares puttees. :D

Nothing wrong with the Peoples Republic either - God's chosen, etc. - except for the 90 minutes it took to get from J42 to J41 on Thursday evening. :twisted: :twisted:
polar said:
Their is a 'social club' element to the TA which is not part of the regular army. Or put another way we have a regimental/Sqn ethos not a corp one
No. You're way out on this. The TA "Social Club" is a very introvert organisation and runs on two levels - in green and out of green. In green, the social life revolves around the TAC bar. Consequently, it doesn't extend to Battalion level, but encompasses all of the platoons located at the TAC. Out of green, the social circle reduces to the size of the platoon.

The Regular "Social Club" operates at many different levels. The Unit Bar runs alongside the NAAFI and respective messes. Depending on the unit, this could be at Battalion level. There'll also be Company level socialising and Platoon or even Section level social groups. Because of postings and the wider social network that results, the Regular develops a better sense of Corps unity. (The TA soldier gets to see very little of the Corps that he joins). Add to this, there are the fraternities that result from sporting activities. Outside of work, the MQ-residing Regular also develops further social circles based on his neighbours who may well be from different Corps or Regiments.

Given the social commitments of the Regular soldier, it's hardly surprising that alcohol plays a major part in his out-of-hours activities. What is surprising, though, is that they have the cheek to call the TA a "drinking club." Hello kettle, this is pot, you are black, over. ;)


I thought the TA forum was to complain about jumped up lcpls who earn less than you outside and senior ranks that wont deploy?
polar said:
putteesinmyhands said:
No. You're way out on this.
Erm, did I mention beer? What about arrse, facebook, email, mobile phone etc.
What sort of Social Club is this, then? ARRSE, maybe. Facebook, wouldn't know, I thought it was for kids and paedos. E-mail and mobile, though? Probably the most anti-social systems ever invented. You'll be including texting next.

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