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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Blyth_spirit, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. This has been gripping my doodoos for a little while.

    Posters have started threads in this forum on subjects such as medical standards, training courses, operational kit, driving licences and (my favourite) the height a TRF and union jack should be sewn onto the combat jacket.

    All valid and interesting topics no doubt but applicable to our regular colleagues just as much as our TA buddies.

    The 'Just TA' moniker this forum rejoices under means it's for TA specific subjects - it doesn't mean TA personnel can only post in here and in no other forum; nor does it imply a ban on non TA posters from entry (although some make themselves less than welcome). Be brave - venture out into the big wide Arrse!

    It's for your own benefit anyway. Post the questions about TRFs and non issue boots in the QM forum or the ones about ETL courses in the training wing and you're 10 times more likely to get a correct answer than in here.

    So please, for your benefit and my blood pressure, think before you start a thread in here on something that isn't specifically a TA issue.

    Thanks awfully.
  2. I must remember that phrase, its a cracker!
  3. It's a popular misconception that the Regulars know all of the answers to all of the questions. This results in many TA posters hiding their questions in the TA Forum for fear of being thought thick.

    The truth is that many of the Regulars have as few answers as the average TA bod, but have the advantage that it's easier for them to ask a mate. Said mate probably doesn't know the answer, either, but knows someone who does. Or is willing to put his head above the parapet on behalf of his mate.

    Given that the TA is (supposedly) a parallel of the Regular Army, but with somewhat different admin procedures and an additional set of Regulations, will B_S's guidelines result in a totally boring TA Forum?

    It doesn't need to. The TA soldier's outlook on life is rather different to his Regular counterpart, so there's scope for more content than merely admin, recruiting and training issues. (Such issues should be asked once and the thread stickied to prevent repetition).

    The TA Forum is an awkward beast, though. In a One ARRSE environment, it shouldn't be needed, but it would be a pity to lose it through lack of use.

    Stuff it. If you want to query for the umpteenth time where the TRF is positioned, just go ahead.
  4. Surely the TRF goes wherever the chinks have managed to sew it this time?
  5. upside down, near the inside seam?
  6. You actually get TRFs? Funny, I seem to send them off, they come back months later exatcly as I sent them sans TRF...

    The only time they did come back with the right patches I think the woman was drunk at the time.
  7. i fucking hope it survives - you really think we want to read all that drivel about drill nights and the pressures of getting out of work early on a friday afternoon so you can go on your training weekend? ;)
  8. Well, it will save you asking bone questions when your time comes around... :wink:
  9. Well, I suppose that's a better option than venturing in...

    Anyway, make the most of the Forum before it's drastically reduced in size, turned off at times most users want to log on and with access only provided at one cyber cafe in each of our most-populated cities - with the only alternative access points at windy former airfields miles from anywhere with a bus only every century....
  10. What? ARRSE will only be available through JPA terminals?
  11. What dream are you living?

    You can't even get JPA through JPA terminals!
  12. OK, I'll rearrange the words. Only ARRSE will be available through JPA terminals.

    Is that better?
  13. been there done that - then decided i wanted to do it for a living from 90 onwards ;) (that's 1990, not age 90. i know some of you are not THAT old)
  14. Your lucky i sent a smock in for name tags..(51st Brigade's big thing at the moment!)
    And mine came back to day with lettering that could be read from the moon its F@ckin huge..... 8O pity..cos now every bugger can pick me out when i do naughty things :wink:

  15. That makes my dream worth living.