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Why are single soldiers discriminated against?  

Eg Why does the army not give us the same rate of GYP as married personnel?

Apparently all we have to do is get married and then we can have all these benefits!  Is setting incentives like that really a good grounding for marriage - I am sure UWOs would dissagree.

When I move into a new room, I would like some sort of benefit to have my phone connected, or sky moved from my old room to the next.

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Why are single soldiers discriminated against? ...because most of the gaffers are married?!
Doesn't really answer your question but its true!!  :mad:


Too true Vermin.  Maybe we shoud all get married and then we will also be too busy thinking about our wives and families to worry about retention of job focussed singlies!

And while we are at it, why does every man and his dog get a retention/ normal bonus for staying in the Army apart from the inf?  Back to the old theme of dedication.  Do we really have to retain thes RAF, oops sorry, air corps types with their UNION RULES and Unit functions.  Where will they all be when there are no ground troops left to do the fighting/patrolling?
In civvy jobs making a mint my friend.       Ref getting married.   do you really think that it would be worth getting married just to get the pathetic attempt at benefits that the army provides, i think not.  I know soldiers (married of course) whos wages are subsidised with taxpayers money purely due to the low wages (ie outside the infantry (higher band?  which loony gave them that?)) that they are earning.  

Stinking pads , shinf, shinf , tick, etc etc


The reason the inf are on a higher pay scale than their corps counter parts is because they promote at a much slower rate.  Infantrymen have to prove that they are leaders of men and have the ability to command men in demanding circumstances, while simultaneously competing with other soldiers of a similar callibre.  Others on a low pay scale just run a workshop/garage etc and are promoted on technical know how which lets face it any civvie can do, or any infantryman could do should he choose to work in civvie street, but yet are promoted to WO1 within 6 weeks of joining!
...Or maybe it's because not many want to be an infantryman as the resettlment options are a bit limited. Higher pay band may ne an incentive, but don't forget that they get that higher basic pay after their (very short) basic training, where as the rest of the Corps troops have to spend time doing trade training before they get beyond the class 4 soldier stage. Then they still won't get promotion if they don't show leadership skills (well, except the techs and monkeys that is).

Pay 2000 is just a very good incentive to join the army, get a trade and get out early for an easy well paid job in civvy street. Then it doesn't matter if you're single or not.



You seem to be losing the thread of the post, its not an opportunity to slag of the Inf, there are plenty of other boards to do that on.

Just remember though that it is the children of today's Pads who will be paying their taxes for your wages and pensions in years to come.  All that as a result of being shifted from school to school, classified as Gypsies and losing their best friends every two years.  Just be thankful that some still cater for future generations.

You can of course always opt to live out of the block in your own house or rented accomodation but how much would that eat into your beer and trapping money?


I remember having a heated discussion several years ago when I was single.  The gist of my argument was:-

"why should Singlies have to have "by your Bed" inspections which are preceeded by Bull Nights and kit preparation when a Pad (who may be Junior in rank and time served) can just walk into work in the morning, have a friendly 1st works parade in "pressed a couple of days ago" working dress?"

My suggestion was that whilst the OC & SSM are inspecting Singlies linen baskets and underware cupboards (sad RD w@nkers!), the SQMS or a Tp SSgt should be inspecting the Pads who are in 2's dress.

I was looked at with pure horror by the Pads who seemed to think that Marriage was their excuse to get away with BullS**t.

Ironically I became a SNCO before I was married so had graduated from block inspections before having the chance to sneer at the Singlies as they stood by their beds.....

It's a Pads life.......Of course it is (or was, I'm a Civvy now!!)
Pads are always paraded outside the block when the singlies have an inspection often in 2s but you cant inspect their house.



Excellent news about the Pads.  Agree that you can't inspect Houses, however the HO/TO procedures by DHE are **** enough to make up for it!!


I am a pad but i have been a singley living in the block.  I agree that you should not have block inspections as your room is your own space just as the pads have their own space in their quarter.  Its discrimination in my opinion as the pads don't get their quarters inspected and i know some pads who are real grots!!
INSPECTIONS? When I was in we had a routine quick insp. by the Plt Sgt to check everything was clean and tidy, but only once in a blue moon did we get an OC's or CO's insp. The blokes were left to their own devices and trusted to keep the block as livable as possible! After all, it is their home, especially for the Jocks and Geordies! :)
Too right its a pad life, while you sit in your shoe box of a room I will not bat an eyelid for you when I am in my 3 bedroom house with two toilets count them 1 and 2, also I get three times the amount of LOA that you stinking singlies get plus over a thousand pound every time I move house this is great.
And just to add insult to injury I get sex when I want and dont have to spend half the night and half my laughable singlie wage on chatting them up and get blown out after all that time and effort.

Off course its a pads life you idiots live in the now and instead of whingeing about it go out and find yourself a woman ;D ;D ;D


But please tell me,and it's a mysterty to every person on this planet--if all brides are beautiful where the f--k do ugly pads wives come from?The planet Arse & its' sattelite moons Ronnus Hillus & Posteria Enormii?


I would hope that the days of white gloved inspections are long gone.  

Surely the whole aim of a block inspection is to see what state it is in (as regards block damages) and what improvements could be made.  That way the commander can lean on the QM to ensure that any problems are squared away or at least raised again.

Anyway you can come an inspect my pad anytime, the cleaner does a great job.....
I agree with that Ma but the same can be said for some of the tramps that live in quarters, chocolate covered half nakid satan kids running round smearing Jam & caramac on the walls whilst pissing on the front room carpet, i had the misfortune of going into a pads house in Minden to find cat crap on the kitchen floor that had been there all day.

Pads can fester as much as singlies
That's as may be Donut, but come on, some of the smells in some of those blocks are just out of this world!  Just pay a visit on a Monday morning, when they've had a weekend on the lash.  Swamped beds, bits of Kebab/Pizza/McDonalds/puke/piss sprayed/ strewn liberally throughout the block.  Two weeks worth of dirty Dhobie in the bottom of the locker...smells nearly as bad as some of the slappers they harbour in their little f*cking dens.  Manky bedding (and some of that is f*cking outrageous)Hygeine for some of these vagrants ceases to exist when they finish Phase 2 training.  They need room inspections.  F*ck thier requests to live out, the council would have some of them evicted!
I agree entirely, Room inspections should be regular and severe, Show parades should be more common place too, nothing more character building.

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