Its a man thing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speed_Air_Man, Jun 4, 2005.

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  1. Don't know about any one else, but when I go to use a public toilet I can't use a urinal if their are other people in there. (esp when those b*ggers who insist on being right on the next one to you are in). I just can't go, not a drop.

    It got me thinking about all those other "male traits" (some of which defy explanation to Mrs S.A.M., mind you she is slovakian/polish) e.g. my habit of dropping my kegs to onto one foot after removing, kicking them in the air and catching them. The only thing I can reply to her strange look is "it's a man thing"

    Anyone else think of any traits that are "men things", maybe their are some new ones no-one has heard of yet.

    It may help my Mrs understand the male mind.

  2. deliberately taking the urinal next to yours.............................. :lol:
  3. Piss on their shoes that will teach them!!
  4. The grabbing/shaking bollox thing? Even whilst in convo... 8O
  5. ....forgetting to tell them you are within milliseconds of coming when their face is 2.3mm away from your action :twisted:
  6. Farting - and being PROUD of the resulting stench. :twisted:
  7. Either when you blow your nose, opening the artical you blew it into for a look,
    Or using the other method of covering one nostril, then blowing hard as you can so the snot comes out.
    Channel surfing on tv, finding nothing to watch, throw the remote as the long haired CO, saying you find some thing, soon as they do, start moaning about whats this crap your watching, insisting on turning the tv over again.
    Adjusting ones self whilst walking down the street.

    Belching loudly in a quiet place so it echo's. then saying 'Hmmm Nice pitch and tone there, give it a 8 out of ten as it wasnt loud enough', to the nearest person

    Spitting out flem onto the floor, rather than into a tissue or swallowing it!

    Just some i am guilty of!!
  8. Walking around the house in just your pants. Whilst I argued with Mrs S.A.M. that she walks around the house in her underwear,stockings etc she replied "but Men do it with an air of triumphalism".

    Mind you, as I say to her "when a man can't walk around his own house in his pants then the world has gone mad"

    Not forgetting the classic - total refusal to ask for directions somewhere- and the one that gets my Mrs very shouty; the complete inability to pick the correct colour paint

  9. I don't mind peeing at any urinal, have you got a little problem which you are afraid to air in public? 8O

    maybe its a little man thing :D
  10. How about liking the smell of your own farts? or is that just me?
  11. perving at the next door neighbours wife.......or is that just me? :?
  12. Hmm, not just you i fear...
  13. Carressing yourseld through your silk thong...............

    or is that just me :oops: :oops: