Its a dogs life!


The description of an attack by one dog on another as "savage" is obviously a bit of anthropomorphism run riot. Dogs are dogs are dogs...which is evidenced by the lab going submissive and the bull terrier ignoring that and carrying on with its own inbred conditioning. However the outcome of this incident will no doubt be the destruction of a perfectly sound bull terrier and some trivial punishment for the underclass member "handling" the beast.

Whereas obviously the right thing to do is to destroy the owner and retrain the dog...

The labrador's blind owner obviously needs a sound talking to as well. Fancy taking your hound to a dog fight without seeing the opponent first. Honestly!
IIRC though, Guide Dogs don't always give out hte right signals to other dogs, something to do with them being taken from their mums earlier than usual and trained to be with humans instead.

The Lab may not have gone submissive enough for the other dog.....

Having said that, find the moronic owner and the dog, kill the owner and retrain the dog.


Feed the moronic owner to the dog. Then retrain the dog.

Then go after that fucker with the bull terrier.
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