Its a dirty job but

If the annual income for a person in the country is pushing $ 300 US a year, and, if you can't spend $900,000 on cars, blow $ 18 million on building ' palaces' for the first 12 wives and then fathering 27 kids..what good is it being an absolute monarch with full powers? got to show the world you got what it takes and grabbing the the pick of the country's litter is as good a sales/marketing pitch as any for getting worldwide attention?
besides, trading up each year sounds good to me.. [ now the missus, on the other hand, may wish ' equal rights 'round my place ]

who are we to knock "cultural diversity"?. especially when 50,000 women want to go for it...lifetime of lavished on them.. and only having to put out once in a while for a guy who's getting old and fat and forgetful and who can be sweettalked into plonking down the platinum card at the flash of a nork...sure beats scratching for tubers in the desert and wearing cow dung on your head...

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