Its A Conundrum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. And the missing letter behind her is .... your choice.
  2. Is it an "s"? That way i can make "pens" for a four. What do I win?
  3. Boner. What do I need an extra letter for?
  4. Assuming it's a K I make bonk knob and see the way my mind works?
  5. You missed Pork.
  6. 'Boneporn' for eight ?
  7. Doc_Henry

    Doc_Henry Old-Salt

    B0llocks to the game, i'll gve her my nine anyday.
  8. I dont really care, let her and Vorderman fight it out, in blancmange, wearing thier finest lingerie, now that would be a countdown!
  9. There are letters behind her?

    That said, with tits like hers, she could easily BE ON PORN
  10. scrofula

    scrofula Crow

    She certainly has her right hand in the correct position, and an appropriate look on her face,oooh to reinstal photoshop!
  11. Blogg

    Blogg LE

    Easy: "R"

    Thus being: "BONER PORN"
  12. 'W'
    Then we can have 'BROWN OPEN' :twisted:
  13. How about a letter 'E' & Bone Prone
  14. SeanGoesPop

    SeanGoesPop Old-Salt

  15. Did you do spelling at school?