its 10pm and ive got the munchies

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by no1cares, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Typically a singlies late night shopping basket contains:

    Ginsters Cornish pasty
    Bottle of pop
    Scotch egg

    These essentials should get the singlie through the night and give them enough strength to make it to breakfast.
  2. Feckin spot on!!

    (Nb Ginsters don't make CORNISH pasties- they're from Devon!!)
  3. Don't forget about the pint of milk
  4. no1cares - I am forwarding your IP address to the CDT Merseyside...
  5. You bunch of buftys, why arent you mullered and munching on the rancid flange of some fat, retarded minger you picked up in town? I've already finished mine off, marked her for life with a blowtorch and pliers, and dumped her, naked and plasti-cuffed, in a secluded New Forest lay-by.
  6. They can't CDT me, i'm a civvie!! HAHA
  7. kebab it is then ! :)
  8. Let me guess, failed recruit, got a few weeks into basic training then jacked it?
  9. Guess what? No1cares...
  10. So the next time you are big-timing it, as you have done, we will a)refer to this thread b)remind you of your own admission of PONTI-ness and c)continue to disregard you as the no-hope, all-games, every round, open competition losing, no account tit that you are.

    My work here is done...
  11. Are you furking serious? Munchies don't come on until atleast gone midnight and can go on until 0200....
  12. I find a large crystal of PCP will help me overcome the urge to eat for at least 24 hours, and get me through the evenings televisual entertainment.

    Happy to help!
  13. What's the history between my pal no1cares and my good fellow Cuddles? This in-fighting is hurting me inside.....
  14. Best thing to eat at 10pm is a chicken pasty followed by an orginal cornetto. Tasty now i cant wait till 10pm