Itll take more than a parade to pick up soldiers morale

I promise not to bring the Observer here every week (and maybe this thread belongs merged in some other similar topics), but I couldn't help fuming at some of the nonsense posted in response to this morning's op-ed piece on "The government's indifference to troops' hardships" (linky).

A few classic bits of sh1te:

Freego: February 3, 2008 2:56 AM

Elective war is not a solution.
It is the problem.

Ho Hum!! Anything new?

So why feel anything for people who volunteer to work for an organisation dedicated to the killing of others?

godsend: February 3, 2008 8:16 AM

These people join the Armed Forces on a "Kill Or Be Killed" basis.
What are Armies for, apart from this?
They are well paid for their duties, and by signing up, accept the risks involved.
If they are killed or wounded during the course of their duties, they should not be surprised, since they are involved directly in the killing and wounding of others, frequently innocent civilians, including women and children.
If they play with fire, they should not cry if they get burnt.

... and some others. It's good to see that this crud is in a minority, and widely rebutted, but FFS - where do these cnuts come from?

I know you all have nothing better to do on a Sunday ... feel free to educate some of the Observer's contributors ... nicely. :wink:

Right, off to soak head.

(Mods, pls feel free to merge appropriately.)

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