It'll be alright on the night... because it is prerecorded.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Most "lives" in music are pre-recorded. A lot of news stuff posing as 'live' is recorded as well.

    Which is just as well because the majority of genuine live stuff is even more shite than the pre-record.

    As an aside, did anyone else watch Sky News's coverage of the HMS Diamond salute? The camera was so far away that the guns sounded like a crap exhaust on a Landy and they managed not only to miss the 'three cheers' from the crew, but also the 2 Typhoons in the fly past.

    **** off Sky.

  2. hahaha!

    On another note: When Katharine Jenkins (the large lunged Welsh singer bird) came out to do her rehearsal several minions ran around telling all the TV cameras to point away from her because she hadn't had her make-up done yet. Not unsurprisingly the initial response from us was to tell them to **** off and what was she going to do if we didn't? not sing? etc etc. - but then the message came from 'on high' too.

    What a diva.
  3. Was this the same BBC report that bigged up the greatest concert in the history of mankind on BBC News, with tumultous talents like Elton 'The Queen' John. Paul 'sad old ****' McCartney and Stevie 'the token black and disabled' Wonder? All shot on location in dressing rooms covered with BBC logos, because the BBC is going to cover it, live and in full with BBC twitter feeds and a special BBC Online interface so the BBC can pass your messages of adoration to the BBC bosses, while they sit in the VIP enclosures, before claiming the tickets on their BBC expenses?

    You're going to say "no" aren't you.
  4. Already been done. By the Chinese. The little girl who sang at the Beijing Olympics was miming.
  5. No - it was the National Anthem at the Derby yesterday.
    But I'm not surprised by the description you give - at all.
  6. Who cares. Everyone knows that they don't actually do what they say on the tin. One olympics, the flame was supposed to be lit by a chap shooting a flaming arrow at it.....the arrow missed but the flame miraculously lit up.

    Its also the olympics......a bag of shite that I am glad I am in sandy parts for., so will miss the shit
  7. Triple jump?
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  8. I am also very glad that I am out of it. Well out of it.

  9. I expect the local hoidies will be rather busy repeating last years torch lighting ceremonies in the surrounding areas.
  10. I suppose the orchestra could take a leaf out of the music book of one of teh bands who appeared on top of the pops in the 80's.

    Can't remember who, but they all did a different instrument, ie the drummer sang and the guitarst played the drums. The Musicians could take this cance to move somewhere else for the Olympics show. Perhaps one of the percussianists could be the Leader of the orcestra.
  11. Barcelona Olympics in 1992, the relevant bit starts at 4 minutes 30 seconds:

    If you can show me where he missed it then feel free to produce the video. I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this one because it looks like a pretty good shot to me as it goes right over the main torch. Yes, they probably lit the burner and fired up the gas just at the right moment, but he looks to be bang on the mark with his aim.

    Incidentally, I agree that the Olympics is a bag of shite.
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Remember being told that the RA Band had to do the recording for the coronation of the King of Swaziland back in the 1980's.

    The Swaziland Army Band then had to mime to the recording on the day because they were so shite.

    'Bum notes' are never heard in the same sentence as LSO mind, they don't do them which is why they are always in the top 10 list of best orchestras in the world.

    ******* techies interfering again :roll:

    Muso Joke (of sorts) ;

    Q - 'Why do you never hear and see thunder and lightening simultaneously'?

    A - 'Because even God can't get decent techies'.