ITIL - Have you ever sucessfully implemented it?

I am after feedback from anybody that has truly transformed, or attempted to transform a unit or organisation around using the ITIL methodology.

If so, what CMDB software did you use? Were you lucky enough to get some firm in to do the analysis for you or as I suspect, did you just dive into the books and make a plan?

Any feedback is much appreciated as the company I am now working for is considering adopting this.

I've been involved in both, a project where a CMDB was due for replacement and a company came in and scoped the work using ITIL as the basis for procedure. Also a friday afternoon good ideas club moment from the COC where they decided that ITIL was the way ahead from Monday.

At the end of the day, its a methodology and not all aspects of it will work for your organisation. Its generally cherry picked and moulded to your requirements.


Had my arm inserted into the proverbial cows back passage of a recent ISO 20000 project (which fully covers all ITIL processes).
CMDB was MARVAL and one year into implementation is working well.

Whether to use process management and what supporting tools to go for kind of depends on the size of the organisation. I recall a project for an international company with 500 staff that did the whole thing with MS Excel and a small supporting process document - worked fine too!
Worked on two civvy projects implementing parts of it, but never the whole thing. Change management seems to be a popular one which went into a MOD / Civvy joint project quite well, but tried to implement service management into a joint MOD / Civvy team which went t*ts up, to much to change in to shorter time, to many processes to change with no real benefit at the end of it all. SAM has been put in a few places I work, no dramas as its small.

My view on it as an ITIL certified geezer - it has its good bits, bad bits and its best to cherry pick if you can. Look to where you want to be and see if this will solve the problems and raise any benefits, in a lot of cases it wont.
LiveTime is pretty decent and it can pull software and hardware information from a number of third party asset management tools.
In answer to your question - Yes. I have been involved with a couple of SIPs (service improvement projects) that transformed disorganised IT departments into well structured outfits delivering a professional IT service to their user base.

As the guys have mentioned, companies do seem to pick the most useful bits out of the ITIL processes that are more tailored for their own benefit. If you wish to fully implement the full ITIL package then you will need dedicated resources for each of the roles i.e. change manager, problem manager etc.. As I have found you will usually find that these tasks will be handed to a departmental manager type person as an extra responsibility, and not all managers like this. More responsibility, same pay!

I am not aware of any 'Off the Shelf' CMDB software but some do get confused with CMDBs and Asset databases. The CMDBs that I have been involved with used either SQL or Oracle at the back end and is always structured as a relational database. Also, unless you have in-house dba's, and I mean good dba's you wont get very far. In my experience we have had to bring in a third party to complete this task. I must highlight that it would be good practice to have your internal staff shadow any contractor building a database so as to cut down on post project support costs. These third parties seem to design the most complex db just so you have to call them for any support. Many a time has the third party arrived on site and made buckets of cash just for the simplest of changes. Another point about CMDBs, they are maintenance heavy and require constant upkeep of the data. How you achieve this is down to the company, but each department should be keeping their own data up to date with regular updates or the whole thing will eventually be useless and a waste of money. This is where a dedicated CMDB manager will come into play. Once this happens you lose the confidence of the IT departments and they will all revert back to the way they were.

Good luck and if implemented correctly and with the required resources you will turn your IT department around. If selecting a third party ask for any reference sites to view their work and get some feedback from past customers.

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