Itil examination centres in LONDON

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by two_of_seven, Jul 29, 2010.

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  2. I took mine a couple of streets away from the RBS building, will post the details shortly once I've found it.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I did my ITIL Foundation with Datrix a few months ago - was in central london. might be worth asking them if they can accomodate you.

    FWIW, unless you are **very** confident about the material, it might be worthwhile doing the course - I've been working in IT and telecoms since 1997 in one way or another and theres no way I would have gotten a pass without doing the course. you really need to forget everything you know and listen to the instructor.
  4. Really? I bought a book from Amazon that came with a CDROM. Read it twice, doing the practice exams in the book and online. Took the test, finished in 25 mins (multi-guess) and passed 1st time.
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I took the course with a dozen or so people and everyone struggled, no matter what level they were at. no one took less than the full hour in the exam and I only passed with a score of 27/40 (pass mark 24 iirc.) the company I did it with (Datrix) are the same ones I did my Prince 2 Practitioner's certification a few years ago with - the training package was very good and they'd be recommended to me by people I trusted, hence why I went with them this time. I personally, after doing the course and exam, would be very doubtful of passing without the course.
  6. Fair enough, each to their own. I did my PRINCE2 with a company called Steria, they were spot on.
  7. I just want to vent my spleen having spent a day in the company of worthless ITIL infatuates masquerading as 'process experts' - it's a bureaucrat's paradise. The meeting in question was actually a discussion of corporate strategy and in the end we just kicked the ITIL druids out.

    At the heart of ITIL is some good best practice, but some people are making a hell of a meal out of it. I hope that those arrsers doing their ITIL courses also develop an eye for where ITIL brings business value and where it is just used to incubate corporate mongs who can't be put near customers.

    Rant over and good luck in your studies...
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I'd say that was a fair comment for a lot of industries. as ever, you get the bods who know what they're talking about and can get the job done, and those that couldnt be relied upon to p*ss up against a wall without filling their left shoe to overflowing, but have a bunch of certificates to say otherwise.
  9. I have just got hold of the Comptia A+ book, one interesting thing mentioned is that hardly anyone pays for exams these days as there are so many vouchers "knocking about"
    Does anyone know does that sound true for the UK ? & where would one find one?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    And you only barely scraped a pass... ?
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    hence why I also said ' you really need to forget everything you know and listen to the instructor. '

    one of the modules contained within the course was 'change management' - with the contract I was on at the time, I was raising the admin paperwork for a massive network integration programme, and raising easily a dozen changes a week and shepherding them through the approvals process. 'no problem' thinks I, 'at this stage now there must be nothing I dont know about the practicalities of this process.'

    no...didnt work like that, because I employed **my** knowledge and the process framework **I** was used to - NOT the one laid out by ITIL. another thing that doesnt help is that the huge bulk of the questions are not straightforward, they could reasonably be described as trick questions (despite the trainer insisting they werent - and again, you may take this as sour grapes, but I can assure you *everyone* on my course was in agreement on this point.) there were brighter and more knowledgeable people than I in there making exactly the same mistakes I did, and for the same reasons when we'd go over things later. hence why in ITIL's case, I would be very leery (unless you're coming to it absolutely cold and have no preconceived ideas whatsoever) about blithely saying 'I've read the book and took a few practice exams, I'm good to go'. You can do that with Prince2 based on my experience, however I think the odds are against you trying to do that with ITIL, even at the Foundation level. and if you are paying for the exams, which I was led to believe run at £150-200 ish a pop, rather than the possibility of having to do it twice or three times, better in my mind to pay for the course and make sure. thats my thinking anyway.
  12. I think my exam cost £100 with VAT. Who needs instructors if you buy the right media to learn from? As stated before. Read the book, twice. Highlight the bits that are questioned in the interim exams, and re-read. Keep practicing until you score highly, then book the exam. Job jobbed.
  13. I have managed to pass my A+ recently and would value a little advice, itil was my next choice, but my question is does N+ have enough similarity to A+ to make it a huge advantage to go stright into N+ ?

    Advice from anyone who has sat the exam woul be particularly useful
  14. I don't know what the N+ is??