Items to bring on BASIC training?

I'm going to catterick soon, I was told to bring a boot cleaning kit, including 2 x brushes and black polish, ok thats fine,
But what about this KIWI stuff? Im not sure what it is?

Can somebody tell me what KIWI stuff is?
And how much should i bring?


Sorry if this has been posted else where.
Kiwi can be a fruit, national bird of New Zealand or a type of boot polish with plenty of wax content. Which one do you think it is?

Answers on a postcard.
If you turn up with Kiwi Fruit, dont try to clean your boots with it. Top tip of the day.
JaRoSsCo said:
Cheers lads 8O , but i meant KIWI shoe polish. :lol:
Well, why ask? if you know its Kiwi shoe polish.
lol! oh dear.

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