Discussion in 'RLC' started by SupConGuru, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. right i understand why we do ITDS and the Importance on them.

    the other day in my unit we had ITD11 (health and safety at work). and one of the ponts that was brought up was the waring of proper issue boots.

    well as u know if you don't ware issue boots that both fit and servicabel, then if you have and accident then the army will say "your falt mate"

    well a young pte in my Regt was ordered to ware a size to big for him/her, for a boot run.

    and on the run i was just discussin this very ITD with him/her as i was concerd for him/her.

    only to be told my an offcier to shut up and just get on with it.

    i felt like smaking the officer,

    what is the point in doing ITDs when not 3 days later and officer is tell you to ignore all the stuff that you have been toldt?
  2. I thought your post on the 2 Can Rule was a wind up................. but seeing the state of this one....... Obviously not.

    Can you really be a Supply Controller these days with English this bad?

    Why would anyone order someone to wear a boot that was too big for them???? Sounds like your running partner chose the wrong boots at the QM's Lofty. If a soldier can't administrate themselves sufficiently to get the right boot size, then they surely deserve sore feet.

    How did you have time on the run to discuss boot sizes? Every boot run I have ever done usually consisted on me blowing out of my ARRSE... too out of breath to 'discuss ITD's'.

    Feck me, this must have been a stroll in the park (or round the airfield if you're still at 6 Regt!). No wonder the Officer told you to shut up and get on with it if you were discussing the merits of ITD's instead of running.

    One of the ITD's tells you not to drink too much...... I bet you don't listen to that one too much do you?

    Now SHUT UP AND GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mate i am not at 6 regt and the chap was on Boxing traing before the Boot run. so never had boots. and he was a pad. so had no time to go back and get boots.

    any way just because my english is bad does, not mean that i am wrong in what i am saying.

    so you shut up you arse
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Now now Bomb_Doctor, at least SupConGuru is using the site. They have already made an effort with some vocabulary issues on another post.

    Although I do find it strange that someone would be ordered to wear boots a size too big. Maybe it was suggested that boots should be worn a size too big to account for feet swelling up?
  5. Please tell me at what stage Soldiers start to take responsibility for themselves? JNCO? Snr Tom? Or is it the moment they become trained Soldiers? Bothering your ARRSE to ensuring that you have boots that fit, when there is no shortage, is an individual responsibility. Next you'll be telling me it was someone else's fault that a Soldier on the bootrun got blisters because they didn't bother to tape their feet!

    You'll no doubt tell us he has freakish feet and it's the falt (sic) of the system; clearly provisioning is a skill that has been lost through the combination of the supply trades!

    The issue here is that you are simply having a good winge, which is a fair one as this is a good forum for mindless dripping, just prepare to be shot down!
  6. as said above
  7. Did he know about the boot run? Surely someone who is intelligent enough to get married and live out is expected to bring the kit that they need for that days training?

    Sounds like you're backing the wrong horse there Lofty.

    Oh, and I love it when you talk dirty to me............
  8. Was the requirement for boots advertised? Orders/PT forecast etc? If so then it is his fault, not the Officer's. Health and Safety exists to ensure that we work in a safe environment and needless time (on the sick) and resources are not diverted away from the provision of operational capability. HASAW is actually quite an important subject it is not there to facilitate mindless barracking and it certainly does not obvetiate an individual's responsibility to read orders!
  9. Sounds like the sore footed Pad was bluffing his case Prefect ............

    Especially as he was a member of the boxing team. We all know they think they're entittled to sit at the right hand of our lord God the father.

    I've lost count of the number of times a bloke has played the 'Pad Card'. Gets on my sh1t. More duties for Pads I say.....

  10. Stinking pads bastards! (Only joking)

    Why is being a pad an excuse when 85% of Seniors, I know, live out, commute in, yet have impeccable admin.
  11. as said the boxing team were going to do a normal PT run. but at the last min were told to get in to combats. he was the only pad on the team.

    so he was not at fault no matter what.

    he did ok any who.

    but thats not the pint that i was making
  12. Were you hoping for something lighter? More fruity? Less hoppy?

  13. LOL ya mad bugger

  14. Who? The Pad? Who did OK to who or what? When did he do it? or more's the question How?

    Damn...... I'm all confused now. 8O
  15. Ford and Bomb Doctor showing their Sandhurst taught concern (having been there or not)

    Here's another tilt, are the ITDs studied(!) relevant?

    Guns and firing - probably
    Running and carrying stuff - maybe (you can guess my view!)
    First Aid - probably were it not just a reading test with few skills practised
    NBC - Yes - if you actually believe it would save you or that you could actually function in that environment
    LOAC - pointless - changes with the enemy as do the ROEs and the new video is as crap as the last one
    Health and Hygiene - never been to that one!
    Health and safety - arrse covering lip service by the MOD
    AFV Recognition - as practiced in the tank shed - more useful to the Americans Id suggest (and definitely pointless in the RLC (except for the VS trade - they really should know!)
    Equal Opportunities and Diversity - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    Substance Abuse - He He He He He
    Moral Understanding - Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

    and another that the 4 of us here can't remember it must be that good.

    So, anyone disagree?