Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ViVictaVis, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. Anybody have an list of what ITD equates to what test and what's the full list?


  2. Ask your PSI to see a copy of the iTD Pam
  3. I thought it was at the co's descretion ours last year was
    Apwt or match9 if sustained fire platoon
    bcd battlefield casualty drill (the first aid test )
    Equipment recognition test
    equal opptunity lecture
  4. PSI is a tool, arrse is much easier. He'd give me a 2 day answer.
  5. The important ones are 1 - 5. This is the bit from the CO cert that says what they are. CO may decide that there are others, in order to meet some operational requirement. This should be published in your Regt/Bn training directive for the current year. PSAO will know for sure as he should be the one that produces the bounty paper work for the CO to sign.

    Appendix 2 to Annex G to Chapter 2
    Commanding Officer’s Certificate of Efficiency
    (Para 2.059 Refers)

    1. This is to certify that the members of my unit listed on the attached nominal rolls


    inclusive, have fulfilled the following
    Basic requirements and will be eligible to be paid full training bounty for the

    (insert year) training year, subject to completing the required number
    of days training by 31 March:
    All have been tested in ITDs 1 to 5 and have passed at least

    27 (insert
    “3” or “2”) of the ITDs listed below. HRR personnel shown on the nominal rolls have passed all 5 ITDs:28

    ITD(A) 1 - Stage 1 - AOSP/APWT29
    ITD(A) 2 - TACFT
    ITD(A) 3 - BFA
    ITD(A) 4 - NBC
    ITD(A) 5 - Recognition Basic Level
  6. Quality, thanks.
  7. All the above pretty accurate, although the TA should take all ITD(A)s annually with only 1-5 being bounty qualifiers.

    From the horse's mouth a CO may not specify a pass at any particular ITD(A) as a bounty qualifier. There is, however, a move afoot to make a pass in fitness mandatory for bounty but this is unlikely to happen until the TA is properly resourced with PTIs so my info is we have until TY 07/08 or 08/09 to get in some running!
  8. there were rumours banding around recently that ALL ITDs must be PASSED in order to qualify for the bounty as of this year. not sure whether this is still a rumour tho... anyone else heard that one?
  9. Absolutely NOT the case. To do this TA Regs would have to be changed. Until then it is as stated above: attempts at 1-5 with 2 passes (specialist), 3 passes (independent) and pass all (HRR) to qualify for bounty.

    There is a move afoot to get a pass at CFT to be mandatory, but this will not be onstream until TY 06/07 at the earliest.
  10. I think you'll find in the ITD (A) Pamphlet it actually says PASS. However, in TA Regs it's attempt 5 pass 3 (role dependant of course). That's the emotive sticking point concerning the CFT.
  11. A waste of time, in my day we turned up on Saturday nights let loose a few arrows and sank a kegs of mead......

    or I remember when bounty tests pushed you a little, AFV - Tanks displayed on a screen twice their normal size, a fitness test that left you out of breath (BFT), medical test that you had to remember not read out of an aide-memoire, then boring lectures (H&S, Law of Armed conflict, Equal Oppurtunities, drugs misuse) repeated every few months.

    I mean I wasn't going to rape an enemy female or take drugs b4 the lecture and nothing during the same old shitty video would of made me or the drug smoking pedo change our minds.

    Is me or has part of the Army turned into a poor version of Blue Peter, except Blue Peter tried to educate but the Army aims its vids at Chavs
  12. Am i in the only Unit where all the officers/Seniors pass? Funny thing is i cant remember the last time i saw half of them attending itds etc,,,
  13. If you can't beat them then join them!