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ITD5 list

Anyone out there got the current list? Preping a lesson and been told the list I have (Jan 03) is out of date, been unable to confirm this as yet.

Thanks in advance :)


Issue 7, 2004, of Defence Recognition Journal (DRJ), page 4:

"...The list of targets for ITD(A) 5 has now changed to coincide with the latest version of the computer-based Army Recognition Trainer System issued to the field army. The performances, conditions and standards for ITD(A) 5 remain the same as before and can be found in the ITD manual."
This edition of DRJ appears to be the first in a series focussing on the new ITD(A) 5 list. Issue 7 is Part 1 and covers tracked vehicles. I suggest calling the DRJ for their advice: 96305 2166.
Thanks, Job number one for Monday morning :)
Still with 7 PC's between 145 pax computer based trg could take a while!

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