ITD package

So I am currently a one man band trying to run a training "wing" for a large unit which currently has a staff of 1 i.e. me ! and anyone I can beg or borrow for training days.

We have a limited ITD training package running over 3! days. What Im after is how other units/wings have approached the problem of getting soldiers through their mandatory training. Timetables would be nice as would any problems and solutions that have been encountered. Not sure where this information would lie from a security/disclosure point of view so be cautious and PM me if you think that would be more acceptable and I will forward you my e-mail if you think you could help.

thanks in advance

Pressured of Hants :?
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Just get loads of nominal rolls, get everyone to sign them, job done. :lol:

Only joking!

Got to be a round robin issue, just crack it. Let you Coy/Bty/Sqn staff run it all and get back to you. They are the guys that should be doing it. YOs/Snrs should be the key men in this trg.

Chill out and good luck!

Thanks for the info. However as of yesterday it is no longer my problem !!
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