ITD Health & Hygiene confusion/clarification neede

I’m back.

Just need to ask a question, for some clarification etc. If it comes across as racist then I apologise, as its not intended.

During my time in the hot sandy place, to fill the long periods of boredom we had various ITD sessions. One on AIDS & STDs got me a little confused.

It was stated that with increased recruiting from common wealth countries that there had been a big increase in AIDS and hepatitis in the services.

I understood that other professions like doctor & dentists from overseas etc are screened before they are allowed to work in the UK.

So my question is, is this true & do we pre screen for infectious diseases before overseas recruits are allowed to join.

I’m not worried about the infections themselves as I’m a good girl!!!, what does concern me is the risk in a battlefield environment & the cost to the NHS in caring for these people.
This is a very sensitive issue at the moment being dealt with way, way up the chain of command, plus this is not really the appropriate forum to discuss it.

If you have concerns either speak to your UMO or make contact with your nearest DMS GUM service.