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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SanFrancisco49ers, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. Can anyone provide me with the current ITD 5 AFV recognition basic vehicle/aircraft list?

  2. Contact the All Arms recognition cell at Larkhill.
  3. Just PM me and send your email and I can send you all the bumf.
  4. All information is held in ITD(A) folder. If it is not held in your Training Wing then 2 copies are sent to each Regiment, to be held within the Administation Office.
    If they claim they dont have it, ask the Chief Clerk, He/She knows whom it is distributed to.
  5. I think ITD 5(Basic Recognition) should be a Theatre Specific package and completed as part of the pre-deployment training. On recent Ops, some of the multinational coalition forces have the same vehs as the enemy - Gulf 1 in particular with the Arab Forces having ex Soviet kit.

    I would like to see map reading as a mandatory ITD instead.
  6. So how will theatre specific training help in this case?

    Map reading mandatory INSTEAD?
    Blimey, so you'd rather have your already trained map reading skills, assisted by GPS, brushed up whenever ATDs come round, than be able to recognise incoming aircraft?
  7. I'm on a basic recon course and I am looking for some material on Warrior and MTLB

    The powerpoint presentation is no longer on, so your bumf would be greatly appricated by me.