Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by sidrct, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm going on my ITC in April anyone got any tips on preperation. Also i need to get webbing any tips. I don't want spend to much and look like a warry pillock wearing chest rigs etc. Where can I get some decent webbing from? Any good websites to buy good quality PLCE from I have some 58patern from my Reg days but I think I should get maybe buy some PLCE or a good quality chest rig as long as its not OTT.
    What prep do you need to do for lesson plans and MOI is it worth taking a lap top? How physical does it get as I'm not in the flush of youth any more

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  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    What job are you doing there or are you a recruit?
  3. Thanks Carcass i'll look into that kit in your link my Battalion only issues 58patern and its pretty crap mate.
    PI at the moment cheapseats
  4. ITC is like your AIC only it goes in more detail, you will be expected to do 3 or 4 TPs, On SAA, M&C, Fieldcraft, Drill being the 4 main subject.

    most important thing is MOI skills especially weapon safety, Improvision may be called for in some circumstances.

    The CTT will be conducting it, you will probably get some instruction in principles of MOI , Lesson plans format etc

    There will be a course assessment at the end of it, telling you your best points and where to improve on.

    regarding webbing , all you need is a yoke, 2 ammo pouches, thats it, if you dont have one , see if you can borrow one from your mates.

    Enjoy it and don't get too pissed !

    edit to add: Once you have passed the course, you will be confirmed as a Sergeant.
  5. Cheers Semper
  6. For webbing, or any other kit you may want you could always try Sabre Sales in Southsea ( I go there quite often and have bought quite a bit of stuff from them.

    I completed my ITC last October and had my own webbing. Taking a laptop (and printer) would be a good idea as you can do your lesson plans and print them off and it is also good for when you have the opportunity to do a lesson with Powerpoint. The only thing to consider is where you are doing your ITC and whether there will be somewhere to secure your laptop and expensive items when they're not being used.

    Best of luck to you, you'll enjoy - I enjoyed mine!
  7. I completed my ITC last october also, on our course powerpoint was a big no-no, hence I didn't both dragging my laptop along, 58 pattern webbing is fine and is what 50% of the PI's on my course had. The only time we used it was for teh one day of field craft and for when we taught SAA.

  8. Cheers guys thats been a great help . Looks like I need a few beer tokens as well