Hi I joined the ACF as an PI last year but was unable to attend annual camp due to other commitments. I was therefore unable to complete my ITC which was held then. Having to wait till next summer camp before I can do it, I thought it would be a good idea to try and brush up and familiarise myself with all the stuff I will need to know and do on the course. The problem is I havn't a clue about what the course entails. Could anyone please provide me with any information on this as it would be much appreciated.
#3 learn how to be a basic instructor, learn some skill at arms and do a bit of fieldcraft. It's very basic and not at all as indepth as it needs to be.
I completed my ITC last summer camp and am now hopefully going on my AI's in June. Was wondering how soon after I do my AI's can I do my KGVI? Is there a time scale?

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