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Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, May 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking to train some very new AIs and wondered if anyone has got the set programme in electronic format.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I have the same problem, training up PI's to complete the ITC. The course content, expected standards etc seems to change depending on which CTC is conducting it.
  3. Surely there should be a set programme and not written on a fag packet
  4. Essentially they will get 3 TP,s one SAA one Map and Compass and one Fieldcraft all upto and incuding 2 star level

    That in a nutshell is it.
  5. Essentially they may not

    They may get 2 SAA, plus 1 Foot Drill
    2 SAA plus 1 M&C
    Depending on the CTC running the course, not consitent across the counrty or dare I say brigades
  6. Ok fair one

    although how CTC's expect AI's to teach drill when most of them haven't been taught it correctly themselves in the first place is beyond me.

    Shall we settle on the SAA being the most important in that it is the one that has most bearing on the safety of our cadets
  7. It is just that I have AIs going to Frimley soon and I would like them to be trained before they go, thus get the full experience.

    I believe CTT are supposed to help with this. But I have not been given any info.
  8. If they haven't already passed an ITC through your local CTT then they won't be doing Frimley (I am assuming you mean the AI's course) unless they have the required exemption which is detailed in the ACF Manual.

    AI's at Frimley is again essentially all SAA so they need to be pretty happy with the weapon prior to going, if your county hasn't got A2 then I'd get em some hands on with LSW or approach another county befor they go.
  9. CTTs like to mark down. I did a drill TP, M&C TP and a SAA TP and was told to prepare the next lessons for each, which I did but was not asked to do them. The Drill was crap but a pass, the SAA okay, with no safety errors and the M&C good. Because my course had 42 students on it, and I passed all my TPs first time round I never even got the chance to improve my overall mark because I only got to do one TP for each subject.

    Someone who biffed out of every activity on my ITC got a B+. But she allegedly noshed off half the DS anyway, so 'quelle surprise...'

    I got the impression that the CTT want you to try harder at Frimley, and don't blow smoke up your arse on this course. After all, that's the one that really matters.
  10. You always get one.

    They're important though. They keep the DS happy, and give you something to laugh about in the morning.

    We were dropping little hints at ours, after they'd succumbed to her advances in the bar the night before...

    "didn't she squash you"
    "with a cnut like hers i bet you all had a go at once"
    "oi can anyone else hear that sound? what is it.. hmmm... fcukin ell you can still hear the echo"
    "how many times did you burn your arse on the lightbulb"

    just under our breath, loud enough for them to hear it but not know who said it :D
  11. We had a legend on ours, could not walk for the whole week biffed out of drill, excercise etc then spent the thursday night dancing the night away at a disco. DS had a love up fund but no one was brave enough to take it on, she was so rough,left to an ACF PI to do the deed, (i remind him of it frequently, and not when I am talking to myself in the mirror)
  12. This wasnt at otterburn was it.
  13. Nope not Otterburn
  14. Thank god for that thought you were talking about me
  15. Not unless you are also bolimic