ITC gone soft?

Those who administer the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick are scarcely allowed to impose discipline on new recruits, lest they quit or sue.

Many line battalions have to run their own training programmes for alleged trained soldiers from the ITC, to render them fit to serve. Faced with the most rudimentary discipline - punctuality, kit inspections, morning runs, obedience to orders - many young men literally pack up and go home.
Sorry but I don't believe a word of it.

I was a Pl Comd at the ITC 2 years ago. Unfortunately you will always have the idiots who want Mummy after their first night in the field, and I saw many drop out in the 2 Pls that I passed out. I saw a number of individuals who had absolutely no understanding of the fact that being an infantry soldier was going to be hard.

They were eclipsed by the majority of recruits who thrived in the hard conditions and who, when they passed out, were good soldiers. I have had the pleasure of serving back in the Bn and seeing the first of "my" soldiers being promoted to LCpl.

There is a paranoia about legal action overhanging training at ITC I agree. But that is unfortunately a by-product of the modern world in which we live. I notice that the article quotes a retired General and a retired SNCO. The "in my day" crowd chuntering from their armchairs have little understanding of today's army. Times have changed, young recruits have a different mindset from the previous generation. This dosen't make them poor soldiers, but it does mean that they want to know "why" more. Mindless, random beastings of the past will do nothing to encourage or motivate a recruit. Different times call for different measures.

The idea that the ITC is turning out lazy, un-punctual, ill-disciplined soldiers is, frankly, bo!!ocks.
That being the case - who is responsible for some of the dross turning up at my battalion?
In that case it must be your own poor officers and NCos who trained them. Each Division trains it's own soldiers. I don't see any "dross" in my Bn.
Then you are truly lucky or perhaps employed in a job where day to day contact with the toms is rare like Ops Offr, or Int Offr. Or perhaps its just too many pink gins.

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