ITC Feb 22nd, (8th if your doing catch up) Anyone R Anglian?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by adamb, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. I start ITC Catterick on 8th feb (22nd for those not doing catch up course). Anybody else going at this date? If so anybody going for 2 Royal Anglian? I Found some other guys on another forum but there going for 1 rifles. Cheers.
  2. I start on the 22nd as well mate, joining 2mercian though!
  3. Nice one mate, when did you pass selection and wich centre?
  4. I joined 5 Plt B Coy 2 R Anglian in Munster Apr 1973 - great bunch of lads altough there may have been a few changes since!
  5. Cool mate, is the regiment big? Most places i see Royal Anglian on posters, internet etc is 1 Royal Anglian ( the vikings ). Don't really see much of the poachers, you and my recruiter are the only poacher/ex poacher iv'e seen around. Everybody seems to be joining The Rifles or Coldstream guards.
  6. am of to catterick on the 22nd too! goin into Duke of Lancasters though.

    Cant wait passed my ADSC back in novemeber :evil:

  7. O an my selection was up at Glencourse!
  8. Nice one lancs mate, you got your kit list sorted?
  9. Anyone going 8th febuary? would be nice to know someone else is doing the catch up course lol.
  10. Yes it is big ( although I will qualify that) - obviously better known in East Anglia (Bedford Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Lincoln, Norfolk etc). As one of the first big amalgamations R Anglian orinally had 4 battalions, but now only has 2 Regular as bot 4th Leicester tigers) and 3rd (Pomapadours) were disbanded. So now although realtively small R Anglian is still a infuential Regt, who are best known recently for their excellent work in Helmand.
  11. Nah not yet ADAMB, gonna comprise my christmas list of all the things i need! never though i'd see the day when am askin my folks for an iron :wink: . How about you ?

    I'm just focusin on my fitness at the moment, dont want to be the lad at the back gettin his arrse wipped :D
  12. Yeah mate got it sorted about 2 weeks after ADSC lol. Would rather get it sorted now then concentrate on fitness so i aint flapping about when i cant find something i need lol, i see what you mean though. I dont work or anything and im still living with my parents so i just said i dont need any presents and asked to help me with my kit list lol.

    You getting down to catterick on train or car?
  13. yeah gonna get on top of my list soon! well am working full time at the moment, but told my boss am quiting end of jan so i can blitz my fittness and shtuff!

    Al be getin the train mate, do you know if the army'll pay for that or is summat i pay for. I half wish i was going on the catch up course, am i right in saying you wont get issued with kit till we get there?
  14. The Army will pay for it mate. when you go for your oath ceremony they will give you a travel warrant. Ive just had my oath ceremony.
  15. Yeah you get a free train warrent. Yeah i was also pretty glad i got the catch up course, i think we get issued the kit on like the second day? i know its in the first week but i think we do the medical first. Im going 2 weeks earlier as i said so i wont be getting my kit for 2 weeks, right bummer.