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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by yater_spoon, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Should Junior Brecon or Catterick for that matter be pass or fail rather than "attendance" or deferred pass?
  2. I thought they were a pass or fail.

    I seem to recal they were when I did mine (ok, 10 years ago now for seniors)
  3. Brecon used to be pass or fail about 10 years ago but I do not know about catterick. The reason I ask is that I'm unaware of people failing the course despite failing certain elements cft, bpfa etc. I do recall people getting failed at Brecon for getting exposure. However its seems to me now that all you have to do is survive two weeks without getting injured/rtu'd and the course is in the bag irrespective of performance.
  4. Breacon should be a pass/ fail course when i was up there last year the ds said that it was changing back to pass,fail
  5. Yes, it is "attended", but a report goes back to your unit detailing your performance, and you are graded.
  6. Nearly every course I have been on has been an attendance course, of course they will not tell you that, but believe me how some of the biffers passed some of the courses I've been on I'll never know.
  7. Stabtastico
    I couldn't agree more. Now that they are going back to pass or fail perhaps they should send the biffs back for a re test