Itc catterick

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bonj, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. :( Son at catterick just completed 1st week but is finding it hard anyone got advice on how to suport him, he lived for this now not so sure, help!!!!
  2. yes thanks, new to this and couldnt' see how to put a new post on it.
  3. Have you worked it out?
  4. I have got on to a parents advice chat forum, thankyou
  5. My son is also infantry and everything you said sounds normal. Just takes them some time to settle down. Once he does he will probably have a great life as my son has done too. he was at itc catterick and for the 1st six weeks it was a real rollercoaster of emotions for both him and myself. feel free to pm if you want to anytime.

    If you want more support from mums and wives of soldiers then can I suggest - I am a member there and the support that they give is unreal.

    take care, and best wishes to your son
    luv rach xx
  6. Tell him he's a wuss and to suck it up
  7. I'm not being funny but what was he expecting? A school play-ground?
  8. What regiment is he joining?

    Everyone finds it hard for sure. Hes in a new place with people that shout a lot. Everyone there is in the same boat yet express their fears differently. someone on this forum will know how to deal with itnand pass on their wisdom.

    Has he made the right regiment choice? too early to say.

    Tell him to work for the weekends and take it from there.
  9. He probably didn't know what to expect, i didn't when i joined. I went from civvie with my own business to soldier in 6 months, i just took it in my own stride as best i could. No doubt he's young and used to mummy looking after him. People react differently in different situations, he'll man up soon enough. Invest patience in people and you reap the rewards.

  10. I just completed the 26 weeks of Catterick and hated weeks 1-6.

    you get constantly treated like kids and don't get any proper time to yourself, but one he reaches week 6 it'll get much easier. you get to come home most weekends (unless you're working) and get to go out on nights to Tescos or Macdonalds after a certain amount of weeks.

    if you tell him that passing out and knowing you're a professional soldier rather than a recruit is the best feeling in the world, then it'll help him. at times that was the only thought keeping me in.
  11. Dont forget the quilt that was the best thing after week six! no more bed blocks nice and warm!

    The amount of times it was threatened to be taken away, I swear as god as my witness i would have killed to keep the quilt!