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It’s a bit of a piss take waiting on all this, fair play it’s only just after the Xmas holidays but you’d think this stuff would be sent out after you’d passed selection! A think you get it through the portal
Well you don’t get your final offer until the Pre Employment checks are done so I think the longest check is the basic disclosure which can take like 14 working days and for me I had to get my gp to send my records across and I had to send a proof of address but everything was done by the 23rd and to be fair I only did selection on the 11/12th of December.


See a sent back my disclosure Scotland form about 4 weeks ago and still haven’t had anything which is really strange but I suppose it’ll all be done in time for going to basic one way or another
Yeah that’s what I thought mate you scared me there I thought we got the copies and had to send them to NRC lol thank god, yeah well I got told last week that the Pre Employment Checks are ok, does that include the disclosure?


Hahaha you hitting panic mode there mate! A would imagine the disclosure form is part of the pre employment checks aye but again I’m not 100% sure
aye i nearly had a heart attack that something else could go wrong so close to the date haha! Aye I’m pretty sure it is mate but the problem is that there’s no feedback to let you know when things are done or still processing it’s just random phone calls at like 6 o’clock asking for information, a checklist would be nice


Haha ma bad mate! It’s a pain not having feedback or like you said a check list but I’m sure all the info they require has already been given, weather that was at selection or through the portal so it should be all good mate! Wouldn’t stress to much over it


I want to post my progress so far and to see if there's anyone I'll meet along the way.

I'm joining the Grenadiers.

  • Applied online end of October.
  • FTF meeting 10th November.
  • Medical documents received 28th December.
  • Documents sent for review 7th January.
Allowing up to 6 weeks to process them, assessment center, and with immediate start after that - I'll be looking at the 3rd March intake at ITC (C).
this is a rough timescale and I hope it'll turn out.

updates to follow
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Can someone confirm this, paras is at Catterick. From phase 1 to phase 2 throughout like is it 6 months all in one.

I am going to assessment next week after countless cancels medical drama being, it all not being sent until I printed them all off myself and sent them. That was resolved, assessment booked and PRAC hopefully within the following week or two.

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