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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ryman2010, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Welcome to the new ITC chat thread, the latest archive can be found here. Thanks Disco

    In some paperwork I got from AFCO it says I will be required to do a fitness assesment before I am allowed to start my training at Catterick. Anybody know the requirements or and what happens if you dont meet the requirements? cheers
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  2. I start at catterick sunday next week. Is there actually any point getting a haircut before you go? I'd rather save 20 quid if they're just going to do it anyway.
  3. 20 QUID! SHIT! where you get your haircut :?
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  4. Haha I know, right. That's why I get my haircut like once a year. Guildford is so expensive.
  5. you can probably buy your own shears for that, you're off in rifles arent you mate? i think im in your training platoon according to my joining instructions.. bricking it :D
  6. Yeah i'm joining the rifles, I didn't realize we'd be training with different regiments... haven't had my joining instructions yet.

    Just packing some of my stuff now. Jesus CHRIST padlocks are expensive.
  7. When you do the medical when you get down there is it the same as the one at ADSC hearing test eyesight test and so on just curious
  8. I have heard it's the same just WITHOUT the hearing and the eyesight test (maybe they just assume that won't have changed).
  9. yer iv done that mate, where about are you doing it? i had to do 44 press ups in 2 mins, 44 sit ups, your 1.5 run, circet training, basket ball, lunch, orienteiring then shower & home. all day thrash lol dw if ur not fit as a fiddle they will just say work harder on your fittness
  10. i got the medical on tue of week 2 the same day we got measured for kit i think and you just get your blood pressure , hieght , weight taken and if you need them, a few injections( cant remember what ones) you dont get hearing test if you attended adsc less than six months from arriving at itc you get an eye test similar to adsc (read bottom row of letters) after that you go over your med docs with the doctor and they'll tell you if you're fit to carry on with training .
  11. im going to Catterick in september. what training should i be doing to prepare for basic? currently im in the gym strength training 4 or 5 times a week but thats something ive been doing for a year or 2 so that probably wont affect my fitness anyway. So apart from that im just running a few miles a few times a week. is this enough to prepare me for basic or should i be doing other types of cardio aswell? any thoughts/ideas would be great.
  12. How many is a few miles? Just run your arse off and don't break your leg
  13. Passed adsc yesterday with an A and got told my date today 17/10/10 royal regiment of Scotland. Anyone else going?
  14. Cranny was you down pirbright for ADSC?
  15. I've got that date mate, going Duke of lancs though.
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