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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by case123, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. yeeesss!! lads my intake on the 18th im joinin 1st mercian be lookin forward 2 seeing u laaadsss!!! cant fuckin wait either im counting the days 12 muvva fuckas left only things is we trainin in winter hahaha my dick is already small haha wb
  2. Im going 18th 3 mercian know some of the lads that are from my home town who are joining and coming up aswell i cant fooking wait!
  3. nice one fellas, should be awesome up there, not long now ay, get some!!!!
  4. is it best to go up in a suite for basic? by the looks of it im not getting picked up from darlington have to catch a bus down to helles barracks, thought it would be abit more formal everyone arriving at the same time and getting bused from darlington to helles.
  5. hey lads just watched a vid on youtube in the middle of it this guy says why he was leavin... because the infantry training was to hard :S bit fukin nervous now as he looks in good shape but i dont think he put the effort in that much because your built up to get through it all :D
  6. What the video called ?
    And I dont think it matters if someone is big, small, got big muscles or hardly any... If they have heart and determination and want it bad enough then they should pass :D Good luck to you lads of to catterick :)
  7. all packed and ready to go, im reporting for basic shitting my pants! :D
  8. just give 100% and enjoy it mate.
    all th best.
  9. NICE ONE LOFTY!! good luck mate!! :D
  10. Good luck mate, stick through it!!

    Keep us updated on how you do :D

  11. Good luck mate and as for being too hard, sometimes its tough and you will want to leave but the best thing to do is remember why you wanted to join, how you felt when you passed selection and how excited you were when you were waiting to begin training. And definately, talk to the other lads about things, they are the ones who will get you through training. The staff are great too!
  12. boy's I would'nt worry to much,the first few weeks are boring.Lot's of standing around so there's plenty of time to calm your nerve's.
    I'm just back for the weekend after sword training which was let's say..............aggresive!!!!!!
    any questions just ask or pm me.
  13. sword training? is thats knights of the round table kind of sword :?
  14. Your sword is the pointy bit on the end of your rifle.
  15. Oh, that's disappointing. I've always fancied a go at Fencing.
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Not open for further replies.