ITC Catterick 24th Febuary 2008

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SmithsRail, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. hey all I start at Catterick on Thursday 24th Febuary '08, proper excited! Are there any tips/kit or essentials that I should know before I go?
  2. Its gonna rain a lot.
  3. im at an ATR not ITC C but heres what i suggest.
    good ******* iron. 50 quid or more. keep it in your personal draw/locker

    the kit list you were given plus:

    black bin bags (if your section is in charge of emptying a bin, always put bin bags in it. that way you dont have to wash it out everyday or lug the ****** to a skip)
    zippo + lighter fluid (needed for exercise and will probably cost you a kidney there)
    toilet roll (seriously a good idea)
    spare toothbrush and razor for the field (cut the toothbrush off so you have about an inch of handle only. dont need more then that)
    if you dont have a red or filtered torch dont bother, they'll never let you use it.
    head and shoulders shampoo as it gets cam cream off easier then scrubbing away until your face bleeds.
    no point taking your boots 2.99 zinc oxide tape, the med centre will give you some decent stuff for free.
    a needle threader (ask your gran. basicly a wire loop you push through the eye in the needle to help thread it. beats sitting there for 4 hours trying to thread a my experience your sewing kit will be likely used for sorting out blisters, so get some new needles, not scummy ones kicking around a draw somewhere.

    sense of humour and an open mind.

    remember two things.
    1. nothing lasts forever
    2. it aint over until your in the showers.

    learn a good joke, a few interesting facts, name all your kit asap. seriously
  4. - Remember to be part of the team, don't jack on your sect or plt.
    - 4 padlocks, just in case you lock yourself out of your locker and you've got to break back in, you'll have a spare then.
    - Don't associate with some of the riff-raff that turns up, they'll get weeded out eventually.
    - Don't be a gob-shite, lol
    - And HONESTY, even if you did something wrong, you'll get more respect to owning up than you will if you didn't.
    - ENJOY IT, it'll be a good experience and you'll meet some quality muckers.
  5. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Instead of zippos, which are fairly expensive, simply take lighter fluid. Pour some onto hexi, one windproof match (free with rations) and big fire quick. Makes lighting hexi very easy indeed. If you really want lighters, poundland sell packs of 12!
  6. Biggest tip of all is DON'T eat yellow snow. It will make you poorly and your breath will stink for weeks....
  7. The 24th is a Sunday! :p

    Good luck to you mate - enjoy it! :D
  8. what regiment you joining?

  9. so it is! misguided eyes as it were!..... I'm joining the RIFLES dude :)
  10. ahhh you'll be in the next platoon after the rifles lot that pass out with me, pretty sound training staff, you'll like the plt sgt :) Tips - train before you go, arrive with an open mind, don't quit.
  11. the last thing I'm going to do is quit mate trust me :) It's all I've ever wanted to do!
  12. Until some cnut shouts outside 5 minutes! while your're still scrubbing the old chap.

    Good luck, put the effort in and you'll be fine.