ITC Catterick - 1.5 Mile Route

Hi Guys,

I've heard that the 1.5 mile route at ITC Catterick has a few hills in? I was just wondering how much this changed peoples 1.5 mile times in comparison to their times on flat ground.




Well if you must know, there is no set route for the 1.5 mile route at ITC, it is upto to the PTIs (Physical training Instructor) to determine. ITC as a training area is a mixture of low and high lands, and throughout your stay there you will have to do runs, even harder ones than the 1.5 run across those lands.
Compared to doing the 1.5 mile on the roads near my house the route at catterick added 1 minute to my time in the initial PFT, it came down over the 6 months though obviously.

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