ITC Broke Down

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by adamb, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Just want to see if this is pretty much all the things that cover ITC, anybody see any missing? or stuff that is not done anymore? Also added some questions.

    Im going 2 weeks earlier so if anybody knows anything about the catch up course please share it with me

    Week 1:-
    Move Into Room
    Have Medical ( Is this the same as ADSC or more stuff involved? )
    Get Clothing and Kit
    Learn basic personal admin
    Breifed on finance, admin and paperwork

    Week 2:-
    First overnight exercise
    Intro to PT
    Intro to Rifle
    Military skills training: fieldcraft, map reading, foot drill

    Week 3/4:-
    Rifle lessons
    CBRN Training
    Into field exercise
    Parents day (week 4)

    Week 5/6:-
    Live rifle firing
    Into to LMG
    Signals training
    Field exercise
    Foot drill practice & test ( if failed do you have to stay behind when everybody else gets a weekend leave? )

    Week 7/8:-
    Into to grenade
    Signals, map reading, first aid
    Field excercise - revise and confirm fieldcraft

    Week 9/10:-
    Battle fitness: loaded march 4 and 5 miles
    Live rifle firing to 300m and 400m
    Security lessons (?)

    Week 11:-
    Adventure training in lancaster: hill walking, kayaking, climbing,caving. Encourages teamwork and self confidence.

    Week 12/13:-
    Live rifle firing up to 400m
    Annual personal weapons test
    Tactical field exercise - fieldraft revision and testing
    Team and section attacks (?)

    Week 14/15/16:-
    Urban skills exercise(?)
    LMG Shooting competition
    Tactical field exercise - patrolling, reconnaissance and ambushes

    Week 17/18:-
    Obstacle course
    Loaded march - 6miles
    Fieldcraft test exercise

    Weekend Leave

    Week 19/20:-
    Tactical defensive field exercise
    Two mile fire team assessment(?)
    Bayonet fighting
    Loaded march - 6miles

    Week 21/22:-
    Loaded march - 7miles
    Realities of war tour to typres or normandy
    Steeplechase competition
    Combat fitness test

    Week 23:-
    Final exercise at Garelochead or Otterburn - putting into practice all fieldcraft skills learned during course

    Week 24:-
    Live firing training test(LFTT) - putting into practice all live and field firing skills learned during course

    Week 25/26:-
    Loaded march
    Final admin of kit and preparing to move to unit
    Final medical and documentation
    Pass out parade(final day)

    Two weeks paid leave (this comes at some point in your course not always at the end(?).

    Any bits that not done on there anymore? or any extras?? cheers guys.
  2. On week 19/20 you missed out lose sense of humour.
  3. Thats because it happens throughout.
  4. All of that is broken up into very long and hard arduous weeks of training, your papers state these lessons as a rough guide but in reality you,ll be hitting the road every day from week 1. you will start out with a four mile march then by the end of the week its six miles then 7 then 8 and as the days go on the weight increases rapidly so when you get used to carrying 30lb in the next 2 days its 45lb and a longer distance.

    Sense of humour does disappear and the training can put a strain on your mentality and turn you a bit grumpy at times but thats exactly why you joined.
  5. cudnt have said it any better, that is exactly why you joined...
  6. This is all wrong, its 26 weeks of learning table manners for tea parties...surely?? That's what I did on my CIC 8O I left at week 22 because i accidently dropped my saucer, and said "sh1t,F^ck,C*unt!" instead of "oh my deary me, mary poppins would you please pass the dustpan and brush for me deary"
  7. May sound like a stupid question but its a serious one lol.

    During ITC do you pay for your own brekky,dinner,tea?
  8. this is a good point...other ph2s are PAYD, so what's score with CIC?