ITB discomfort

I've been running more regularly in the past month or so, and today has seen the first twinges from my left ITB. My intentions are to get myself to a sickbay tomorrow (I'm a matelot) and thence onto a Physio. Apart from that, has anyone got any tips/hints to reduce embuggerance factor this is going to produce? Busily training for a 1:45 Edinburgh half-marathon (mid-Mar) and would quite like to achieve it!!

ITB can be a sign of a weak Gluteous maximus (Arrse). The Glute pulls the leg around (lateral rotation) if you are suffering from ITB you running/knee action is turning in towards the other leg.

Way to rectify this are as follows:

Single leg press (superb exercise to combat this). Go on leg press machine, place arms across chest, get comfy with leg extended with weight, then place redundent leg on floor and start the press. Should work on one and a half times your body weight for the perfect lift, will need to start lower 3 sets, 6 reps.

Treadmill: warm up then turn around (walking backwards) start to incline it, over a period of time you are aiming for highest incline for 25 mins walking, this could be over a period of weeks

Theraband work: place theraband around a secure object (leg of furniture) then concerntrate on slow controlled lateral flextion exercises, should feel it bighting the arrse muscle thus pulliing the leg round to outer.

Finally, you could require slight riser's in your trainer inner soles, these are fitted on the inside heel to turn your knee out.

hope this helps mate.
Blob - cheers. My main concern is that I've done all that post my last ITB episode (which left me down on the floor like I'd been shot by a japanese sniper!). I can do 4 or 5 sets of 8 single leg squats on an unstable surface, so I'm thinking it may be something bio-mechanical....

I'll let you know once the scab-lifters have done their best.
You should use the multi-gym leg press machine, then eventually upping the weight to one and a half times your body weight. It has worked wonders for me and personal strength all round.
I've only ever suffered with ITBS once and that was when I started running wearing what were basically fashion trainers

I'd get to a decent running shop and have some gait analysis done, sweatshop will do it no problem they use adidas footscan. Also unless you have been shown those exercises you mention by a professional ( or barring that a PTI ) then I'd give them a miss to be honest
Blob, worked up to them under the supervision of a physio, solely bodyweight though.

Off to sweatshop tomorrow for my new pair of trainers, I reckon the current ones may be adding to the problem!
blobmeister said:
Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome, the outside of the knee area. If you get this pain, it's like a red hot poker stabbing the knee.
Are you sure it's not Osgood?
Osgood Schlatters is directly below the knee cap about 3 fingers down, not on the outside edge
anyone got a good name for my current pain ? Its on the outside of my ankle and if I strech and try to touch my right toes with my left hand it pulls like fuckery at my ankle

I think its my peroneous longeron and brevis

( someone from Arrse told me that )
blobmeister said:
I don't think it's Osgood, as they are quoted saying: 'It mainly affects boys aged 10 to 16 years old'
Osgood Schlatters disease is a very common cause of knee pain in children and young athletes.
Bearing in mind that the majority of people posting these questions on here now ARE young athletes and JUST over the age of 16, I don't see your point.

I'm not medical though, so feel free to correct me, after you have made your diagnosis, Dr Blob.
I had ITB pain and a pain in my arse(literally), but switched my running trainers and it cleared up. I don't know if this would be the case for you though but it's worth a try. The only ITB strech I know is standing up, cross one foot over the other and touch your toes, you will feel the pull down the outside of your knee.

I still use this strech in my warm up and warm down still, though I no longer suffer from ITB.
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