Itamar Killings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gallowglass, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. I only heard of the slightest mention of this a few days ago, and like others I am struck by the way in which it has been apparently ignored.

    Circles of Hell - By Mark Steyn - The Corner - National Review Online

    Dead Jews Is No News - By Mark Steyn - The Corner - National Review Online

    A family slaughtered in Israel – doesn't the BBC care? - Telegraph

    Those of you with strong stomachs follow the link in the second paragraph below. Even by the standards of the Israel-Palestine conflict, this strikes me as utterly depraved.

    A family is butchered in their beds and the world neither knows nor cares – Telegraph Blogs
  2. I can't believe that this didn't make the main news, it's starting to feel like people just can't be bothered with the Israel/Palestine area anymore.

    It does strike me that while there is no evidence as to who did it Muslims are automatically blamed, yes the fact that Palestinians are celebrating is sick but it doesn't make them guilty.

    The need for revenge in the Jewish/Muslim cultures in that area is the issue that is going to keep this crap going for ever.
  3. I think so much goes on, people become immune to horror....eyes skim over the headlines and the enormity of the words just fail to hit home.
  4. Problem is that there are literally a death a day for unlucky soldiers, so they've got used to it which is BAD
  5. You know, sometimes on the news, but usually shoved away down the depths of the smallprint pages in the Daily Mail
  6. Palestinians kill a handful of Jews, Kosher outrage bus is fuelled up with 5* and duly paraded on the worlds media.

    IDF kill a dozen arab women and kids who happen to be near a car/building the IDF are targeting - everyone shrugs and calls it collateral damage.

    I really can't be arsed with all the outrage, the Jews have been every bit as vicious and bloodthirsty when it suited them in the past, so its rather rich them wingeing now.

    If they can't work out that killing anything up to 1,000 civs for every Jew killed is going to make the arabs hate them with a vengence, then they can spare me the South African immigrant IDF spokesman moaning on the telly about how terrible the arabs who were born there are.

    Killings and massacres during the 1948 Palestine War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. Poor kids. Such a shame they have to suffer for the decisions of others. The world can be a shitty place. RIP.
  8. Gives you a nice Christmasy feel about the human race. How you can go on without cutting your wrists after butchering unarmed children is beyond me, ****ing savages whoever they are.
  9. The difference is that the palestinian scum deliberately target unarmed women and children to murder, the IDF don't.
  10. "The Jews this, the Jews that". SOI you really should read your posts, you are undoubtedly one of the most obvious (apparently self denying) anti-semites on this site. Knifing children in their homes is not our forte, if you wish to categorise people by religion as you have done in the post above it is apparent that this is more of a Muslim trait (as it was in this case). If we were such a blood thirsty lot as you would like (people) to believe we could have done a much "better job".
  11. If someone criticizes us for our abuses in Iraq (say) are they anti-British?
  12. Agreed, its literally cold-blooded murder and near the edge of the horror scale even for Palestine - but as regards being ignored I'm sure I heard it on the BBC radio news, so lets not fire up the "Media Bias" outrage bus just yet.
  13. No pal. You wouldnt want to get your hands dirty.

    You'd surround them and let the phalangists do your dirty work. Possibly fire off a few helpful flares so they can see what they're doing.

    These murders are horrific and evil. But the IDF aren't snow white and pointing that out doesn't make someone anti-semetic you jumped up ****ing abortion.
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